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Examples of "runabouts"
Spring and Axel which also made 1 Cylinder Runabouts, Dr. Runabouts.
Initially, only three-wheelers were offered. Four-wheeled runabouts soon followed.
In 1903 they produced a number of 2 passenger runabouts. In 1904 they manufactured boats.
A wide model range can be had from Great Wall—from light trucks and SUVs to urban runabouts.
Runabouts are a class of small, multi-purpose starships in the "Star Trek" science-fiction franchise, primarily the television series "".
Wellcraft LLC is a major manufacturer of American powerboats. It was founded in 1955, making wooden runabouts.
By 1930, runabouts were available with windshields to protect the cockpits and 125 horsepower (93 kW) engines built for speed.
Duke Boats, Ltd was a manufacturer of wooden inboard runabouts located in Port Carling, Ontario founded in 1924.
The leading builder of 1920s runabouts was John L. Hacker, who founded the Hacker Boat Company in 1908. Hacker was a pioneering naval architect who developed many design innovations, like the 'V-bottom'. His designs became the model upon which virtually all subsequent runabouts were based.
The runabouts built by Italian builder Carlo Riva in the late 1950s and the 1960s are considered by many to be premier European examples of the type.
The goal was to develop runabouts with the same strengths as the Super Aquarama in build quality, power and livability on board while handling better at sea.
Runabouts can be powered by inboard engines, outboards, jet drives, or inboard-outboard (I/O) drives. Engines can be gasoline or diesel systems.
Teluridian IV – Planet near where Maquis members Chakotay and B'Elanna Torres destroyed two Federation Runabouts who answered their fake distress call.
Once the Bristol Scouts were no longer required for frontline service they were reallocated to training units, although many were retained by senior officers as personal "runabouts".
Runabouts appear in several incarnations in the "Star Trek Online" massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Danube and "Yellowstone" classes appear as both playable 'small craft' starships and as decorative non-combat pets to be displayed when using larger starships. The Danube class starship and pet correspond to the "DS9" appearance, with the roll bar equipped. However, the "Yellowstone" runabouts have a different visual design to the ship's appearance in "Star Trek: Voyager".
Early runabouts had their engines under the body toward the middle of the chassis. This sometimes made maintenance difficult, as on the Oldsmobile Curved Dash where the body had to be removed in order to access the engine. The Gale runabout dealt with this problem by hinging the body at the rear of the car such that it could be tilted to access the engine. Some later runabouts had the engine in what became the conventional position at the front of the car.
For the first two seasons of "", stories requiring main characters traveling off-station typically involved a series of small vessels called runabouts. With the introduction of the major power known as the Dominion in the second season, Producer Ira Steven Behr and writer Robert Hewitt Wolfe believed that runabouts were insufficient to confront this new threat and successfully convinced executive producer Rick Berman of the need for a new ship.
Less expensive cars were usually open. Whether these were economical runabouts, sporting roadsters or phaetons, or sturdy touring cars, their weather protection was similar, varying from none at all to a rudimentary folding top and detachable side curtains.
Notable examples of runabouts include the Oldsmobile Curved Dash mentioned earlier, which was the first mass-produced car, and the Cadillac runabout, which won the Dewar Trophy for 1908 by demonstrating its use of interchangeable parts.
In Mount Clemens, Hacker Boat Company rebounded from the Depression with popular "utility" Hacker-Craft runabouts priced for the ordinary consumer. In 1935, the utility could be purchased for $975.00 ($13,000 2009 USD).