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shyamlal              reshmi              dulari              purvi              ramlal              kushal              suryakant              kanchan              jayshree              meeta              aparajita              gadkar              neeru              bhoomika              badhu              gangaram              abhilasha              sabitri              akanksha              sonal              yamini              ghanashyam              bhavesh              indrajeet              surekha              shefali              loknath              jayasree              soniya              mitali              deepthi              sulakshana              raani              sujata              soumya              aniket              neelima              niharika              jairaj              vishwanathan              chotta              himani              narvekar              abhilash              shrikanth              paramu              rasika              avantika              ganpat              vatsala             

Examples of "rupali"
The family realise Harish is alive. Manav records proof of this on his mobile telephone and shows it to Rupali. The next day, Rupali hires goons to retrieve the phone. Manav tells Rupali that he gives up and wants her to clean his and his family's name. Chhanchhan calls the police and Rupali is arrested. Having solved their problems, Manav and Chhanchhan live happily.
Pooja, meanwhile, with the help of Prem's friend Lakhan (Anil Kapoor), has a make-over, becoming a modern woman and taking on modeling assignments. Pooja sends her mother-in-law and children to live with her husband and Rupali. They intentionally trouble Rupali and convince Prem that Rupali keeps them hungry and wants to poison and kill them. Ultimately the relationship between Prem and Rupali breaks down.
Later it was found that Dr Neil is Nachiket Khanna. After that their children Aarav, Agham, Nishi, Suhani and Ranbir tried their best to solve the misunderstanding between their parents. Then there was the entry of Nivedita Basu who is Pam's friend who was shown very selfish. It is revealed that Suhani is Neil's adopted daughter and Nivedita's sister Rupali is Suhani's mother. Rupali is Neil's ex-girlfriend. Ragini misunderstand that Suhani is Rupali and Neil's daughter and divorced Neil. Suhani is Rupali and Ronnie's daughter. Rupali dies giving birth to Suhani. Ragini divorced Nachiket/Neil and he moved to New York.
Translated by Rupali Bhave:
100. Rupali Pardat Rupor Sandhan (1996) – Assamese
His daughter, Rupali Ganguly is film and theatre actress.
Damodar Mauzo lives in Majorda, Goa with his wife Shaila. He has three daughters Rupali, Meghana and Sobita. Among them Rupali Mauzo Kirtani has taken to pen and has so far has authored two books.
Rupali is the founder and director of Rupali Industries, a water purification based home appliance company. In her spare time she likes to coach young talent at local swimming pools.
Rupali Bhosle is an Indian television actress. She is known for Sab TV's famous show ""Badi door se aye hain"."Rupali Bhosale is a popular Marathi and Hindi actress.
1. Balidan - Tapas Paul, Naina Das, Rupali, Papiya Adhikari, Rakhi Gulzar
1. Balidan - Tapas Paul, Naina Das, Rupali, Papiya Adhikari, Rakhi Gulzar
1. Balidan - Tapas Paul, Naina Das, Rupali, Papiya Adhikari, Rakhi Gulzar
Rupali got married to her longtime boyfriend, Ashwin K Verma on 6 February 2013.
Rupali Joshi (Soha Ali Khan) is a successful reporter who is getting married in two months.
Sources defines boundaries of Swarnapitha as area between from the river Rupali to the Bharali river.
She was last seen in "Chhanchhan" as Rupali on Sony TV.
Rupali Bank () is a state owned commercial bank in Bangladesh. Rupali Bank Ltd. was constituted with the merger of 3 (three) erstwhile commercial banks i.e. Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd., Australasia Bank Ltd. and Standard Bank Ltd. operated in the then Pakistan on March 26, 1972 under the Bangladesh Banks (Nationalization) Order 1972 (P.O. No. 26 of 1972), with all their assets, benefits, rights, powers, authorities, privileges, liabilities, borrowings and obligations. Rupali Bank worked as a nationalized commercial bank till December 13, 1986.
Kaumudi and Chhanchhan feel the family is drifting apart because of the competition among its members. Umaben leaves for a teerth yatra. Manav gives Chhanchhan a western dress and asks her to wear it for him. Chhanchhan refuses but later agrees. She is unable to wear the dress to a date with Manav, who gets angry and scolds her for this. Rupali, Manav's friend from college days, enters the scene and taunts Chhanchhan for not satisfying Manav's wishes. Chhanchhan tells Rupali she has no Indian values. Rupali leaves angrily, and later that night telephones Manav and asks him to meet her to discuss a contract she had to give. At their meeting, Rupali proposes to Manav, tells him she loves him and asks him to leave Chhanchhan for her. Manav scolds her and leaves. Rupali plans to avenge Manav.
Rupali is the daughter of film director Basu Chatterjee, and makes her directorial debut in Bengal with this film.
Rupali Bank operates through 562 branches. It is linked to its foreign correspondents all over the world.