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Examples of "rusape"
St Faith's School, Rusape is a mission school 17 km from Rusape, Manicaland, Zimbabwe.
Rusape Dam is an in-land man-made water body in the outskirts of Rusape adjacent to Tsanzaguru, Zimbabwe, specifically built as a reservoir lake for irrigation in the usually dry southeastern part of Zimbabwe and water supply for the town of Rusape. It is usually 100% full due to its feeder river, the Rusape, originating from ever-green Eastern Highlands.
Rusape River is a long inland water river stretching from the almost evergreen Nyanga regions to Save river. It is known to be usually flooded during summer and has got numerous myth stories associated with it. Rusape river is the major feeding river to Rusape dam in the outskirts of Rusape town.
The list of schools in Rusape include the following:
It is located in Makoni District in Manicaland Province, in northeastern Zimbabwe. It lies approximately , by road, southeast of Harare, the capital and the largest city in Zimbabwe. Rusape is situated on the main road (Highway A-3), between Harare and Mutare, approximately , further southeast of Rusape. Rusape sits at an altitude of , above sea level.
The town of Rusape has expanded southward, to include the high density area of "Vengere" and northward to include the low density development known as "Silverbow". According to the 1982 Population Census, the town had a population of 8,216. This rose to 13,920 in 1992. In 2004, the population of Rusape was estimated at 29,292. The National Population Census of 2012 in Zimbabwe recorded a population of 30,316 for the town on 17 Augustus 2012. Former Zimbabwean Cricketer Kevin Curran hails from Rusape.
Rusape's main piped water supply is from the purpose-built Rusape Dam, which was built on the Rusape River. The river runs in a northwest to southeast direction on the town outskirts. It is such a big river that the dam was planned with the eastern lowveld sugar-growing areas in mind. Ideally, Rusape dam was to be a reservoir for irrigation in areas deep down around Triangle and Chiredzi since it pours out into the Save River to the semi-arid regions.
Mutare is served by rail with daily passenger and freight links to the towns of Nyazura, Rusape and Harare.
Tsanzaguru (formerly Sanzaguru) is a township, commuter zone, in the province of Manicaland, Zimbabwe located 10 km south of Rusape in the Makoni West constituency. It is ideally situated by the riverside overlying the beautiful Rusape Dam. Named after the kopje, Tsanzaguru, in the overlying village area of Headman Dzvairo, who is under Chief Makoni. The township is under Rusape Town Council and almost three quarters of the small employed population are employed by government either in the army, education or other government enterprises.
There are tarred roads from Mutare and Rusape to Nyanga village. The main road to Nyanga town passes through the park shortly after Juliasdale.
Ian Kuziva Gorowa (born 16 November 1971, in Rusape) is a former Zimbabwean footballer, formerly managing South African Premier Soccer League side Moroka Swallows.
Charles William Dambudzo Marechera was born in Vhengere Township, Rusape, Zimbabwe (then known as Southern Rhodesia), to Isaac Marechera, a mortuary attendant, and Masvotwa Venenzia Marechera, a maid.
Didymus Mutasa was born in 1935 in Rusape, a town close to the Zimbabwe/Mozambique border in Africa. He was the sixth child of a devout Christian couple.
There is also a ceremonial painting of the rock paintings at "Diana's Vow". Royal Bank Zimbabwe, a commercial bank, maintains a branch in Rusape it is the town with cdr Mukungurutse and many more.
The name "Rusape" was derived from the word "rusapwe" which means "may it never dry", with reference to the ever-flowing waters of the Rusape River, adjacent to the town. Because there are no other perennial streams in its vicinity, it would be a disaster if the river dried. The settlement began in 1894 with the establishment of a British South Africa Company post on the Rusape River. A village grew around the post and during the First Chimurenga the village was attacked by Chief Mangwende. At "Gwindingwi", during the early days of the first Chimurenga, Chief Makoni was beheaded by the British in front of his subjects, and his head taken to England.
The Jews of Rusape, Zimbabwe are a group of people who practice Judaism. Their observance of Judaism is generally in accordance with that of mainstream Judaism practiced in other countries with the exception of a few key aspects. The Rusape Jews, believe that although Jesus was not the Messiah, he was a prophet. They believe that he did not rise to heaven as is taught in Christianity, but was rather buried in Israel as a regular man. The community's origins are attributed to an individual known as William S. Crowdy, who came to the community in the late 19th or early 20th century.
Ndandarika grew up in Rusape, and was the son of a Malawian bus driver and a Shona mother. His mother was artistic and occasionally worked as a model for the sculptor Job Kekana, another Rusape resident. After completing primary school, he attended a Catholic boarding school at Serima Mission in the late 1950s. His artistic talent was identified there by Fr John Groeber and Cornelius Manguma, who trained him in drawing and woodcarving. While at Serima he was chosen by Groeber to paint several murals inside St. Mary's church.
Born in Rusape, Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, he played in both the 1983 and 1987 Cricket World Cup. He was also a Zimbabwean cricket coach from August 2005 to September 2007. At the time of his death, he was head of the Zimbabwe Cricket Academy.
The district is located in Manicaland Province, in northeastern Zimbabwe. Its main town, Rusape, with an estimated population of 29,300 in 2004, is located approximately , by road, southeast of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe and the largest city in that country.
Option Nyahunzvi (born 1992 in Rusape, Zimbabwe) is a visual artist known for printmaking and large scale murals. Option was awarded the Artist in Residence Programme at the National Gallery School of Visual Arts and Design in 2014. His work often depicts transitions in cultural values brought about by technology, illusions of what is fashionable, and economics. He is represented by KooVha Gallery.