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Examples of "rxx"
There was also a short lived "AR" code following the renaming of BL Cars Ltd to Austin Rover in 1982. Most of the AR-designated projects were either abandoned or were renamed using the Rxx convention (see below)
After British Leyland (now "BL plc") was renamed Rover Group and its subsequent re-privatisation and sale to British Aerospace (and later, BMW), project codes in the 'Rxx format were generally used, although some projects were given alternative designations or sometimes names. Projects in this series were not numbered consecutively, unlike the earlier conventions. The later RD code was used for projects undertaken by MG Rover from 2000 onward, to that company's collapse in 2005.
14-3-3 proteins generally form ~30 kDa-long homo- or heterodimers. Each of the monomers are composed of 9 antiparallel alpha helices. Four alpha-helices (αC, αE, αG, and αI) form an amphipathic groove that serves as the ligand binding site, which can recognize three types of consensus binding motifs: RXX(pS/pT)XP, RXXX(pS/pT)XP, and (pS/pT)X1-2-COOH (where pS/pT represents phosphorylated serine/threonine). In addition to these primary interactions, the target protein can also bind outside the groove via secondary interactions.
The VPN-1 version naming can be rather confusing because Check Point have changed the version numbering scheme several times through the product's history. Initially, the product used a traditional decimal version number such as 3.0, 4.0 and 4.1 (although 4.1 was also called "Check Point 2000" on the packaging). Then the version changed to "NG" meaning "Next Generation" and minor revisions became known as "Feature Packs". Then the name changed to "NG AI" which meant NG with "Application Intelligence", and the minor revisions became known as Rxx e.g. "NG AI R54". Most recently, the version name has changed to "NGX".