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pyung              deuk              kyong              hyong              hyeok              jungkim              gyung              kyoung              hwakim              heepark              gyeong              myong              pyong              hyon              jinkim              ryul              myeong              gyu              heon              yeop              gook              heelee              kyoo              jinlee              beom              hyeong              jiwon              ryong              junkim              eunkim              maeng              chulpark              sookim              kyeong              woong              beomgyun              seop              seol              kwang              deok              ryeon              jinpark              hyung              hyeon              okkim              yeob              kyunglee              gwang              seong              eung             

Examples of "ryeol"
On April 28, 1948, nearly a month into the Jeju Uprising, a leftist rebellion against government police forces on Jeju, Kim Ik-ryeol attempted to negotiate an armistice with the leader of the South Korean Labor party (SKLP) military on Jeju, Kim Dal-sam. The peace accord failed, however, mainly because Kim Ik-ryeol considered Kim Dal-sam’s demands impossible. On May 6, 1948, Kim Ik-ryeol was replaced by Colonel Park Jin-gyeong as commander of government police forces on Jeju.
Ko Hyeong-ryeol (The romanization preferred by the author according to LTI Korea) born 1954 is a modern Korean poet.
Lee Jeong-ryeol (이정렬), the chief prosecuting attorney at the Changwon District Court in Gyeongsangnamdo criticized the FTA on his Facebook account, prompting concern from the judicial scene.
Yun Yeong-ryeol(윤영렬, 1854/1843 – 1939) was a Korean Joseon Dynasty politician and soldier. nickname was Gyungjae, Yeongu. uncle of Yun Chi-ho and grandfather of Yun Bo-seon, father of Yun Chi-young.
At a very late age, together with his oldest son and successor Yu Kwang-Ryeol, or Yoo Kwang-yul (유광렬 ; 柳光烈), he founded the Haegang Pottery Art Gallery in 1990.
Byuksung College is a private technical college located in Gimje, North Jeolla province, in southwestern South Korea. The current president is Choong-Ryeol Ryu (류충렬). The graduating class of 2004 included 439 students.
Guests were varied and included many of South Korea's most popular actors (Cha Tae-hyun, Cha Seung-won, Ha Ji-won), athletes (Chu Sung-hoon), and comedians (Ji Sang-ryeol)
General Yun Ung-nyeol or Yun Woong Niel (also known as Yun Ung-ryeol (윤웅렬, 1840-1911), was Joseon Dynasty and Korean Empire's soldier and politician. a member of Party Gaehwa(개화당;開化黨).
Kim Ik-ryeol (김익렬), also Romanized as Kim Ik Ruhl, Kim Ing-nyol, was an officer in the Republic of Korea military and leader of government forces on Jeju Province during the first month of the Jeju Uprising.
On April 28, 1948, the fighting on Jeju stopped as Kim Dal-sam met with the leader of the police forces on the island, Kim Ik-ryeol, to negotiate a truce. Kim Dal-sam’s demands included “the surrender of all police forces, the confiscation of all weapons, punishment of police and rightists who had committed atrocities, withdrawal of rightist youth groups, and assurances that the May 10 elections would be cancelled.” Kim Ik-ryeol refused to accept Kim Dal-sam’s demands and hostilities started again three days later.
Kim Ik-ryeol was born in Hadong, Gyeongsangnam South Korea in 1921. During World War II, he attended a Japanese military academy and entered the Japanese military as a first lieutenant. After the war, Kim entered an English school for language training and graduated in 1946.
Like most of his releases (since leaving JYP Entertainment), the album is said to be mostly written and produced by Rain himself along with Bae Jin-ryeol (JR Groove), Jung Wooyoung and Hwang Hye Kyung. HyunA participated as the album's only featured artist.
South Korean missionaries consider the church to be an instrument of state propaganda. South Korean pastor Han Sang-ryeol visited the church on 28 June 2010. His travel to North Korea was not authorized by the government of his home country and he was sentenced to five years in prison upon his return to South Korea.
Ko Hyeong-ryeol was born in the town of Haenam at the southern tip of Korean Peninsula and grew up in Sokcho, Gangwon-do. After high school, Go passed an exam to become a government employee and worked as a clerk in his township. He made his literary debut in 1979 with "The Firstborn," which was published in "Contemporary Literature".
Yun's family was Korean Joseon dynastys Illustrious noble families, his 9G-Great grandfather Yun Doo-su(윤두수;尹斗壽) was prime minister and that times famous politicians. but father Yun Ung-ryeol was an illegitimate son of his grandfather Yun Chwe-dong(윤취동;尹取東).
Former Presidential Secretary Lee Young-ho and former Presidential Labor Advisor Choi Jong-seok were arrested on April 3, 2012 for allegedly ordering Jang Jin-su to destroy the information related to the surveillance. On April 4, 2012, Jang Jin-su revealed pictures of 50 million won he claims he received from Rhyu Chung-ryeol, a former Prime Minister's Office official, as a bribe to destroy the data, through the independent South Korean news source, OhMyNews.
Each member has their own personal cameramen who follow them around exclusively during recordings. Notable cameramen include Ryu Kwon-ryeol (Yoo Jae-suk's primary VJ), Kim Yoo-seok (Ji Suk-jin's primary VJ), Choi Yoon-sang (Lee Kwang-soo's primary VJ), Yoon Sung-yong (Haha's primary VJ), Sung Gyu (Song Ji-hyo's primary VJ), Jo Seong-Oh (Gary's primary VJ), and Kim Ki-jin (Kim Jong-kook's primary VJ).
In 1992, when Kang Yong-sop who acted as the chairman of the Korean Protestant Federation oversaw the church, Billy Graham paid a visit there to preach. Graham preached at the church again in 1994. Billy's son, Franklin preached in 2000 and 2008. Billy Graham' wife Ruth has also made a public speech at the church. Other visiting preachers include South Korean Han Sang-ryeol, who visited in 2010 without the authorization of the South Korean government.
The members of the second "Family" are Kim Won-hee, Yoon Sang-hyun, Shin Bong-sun, Ji Sang-ryeol, Yoona of Girls' Generation, Jo Kwon of 2AM, Taecyeon of 2PM and Kim Hee-chul of Super Junior. was added along with Kim Hee-chul during a recording on May 18, 2010. Kim Hee-chul is the eighth member of the Family, and Jang Dong-min is considered a fixed-guest.
Lieutenant General Kim Ik-ryeol, commander of police forces on the island, attempted to end the insurrection peacefully by negotiating with the rebels. He met several times with rebel leader Kim Dal-sam of the SKLP but neither side could agree on conditions. The government wanted a complete surrender and the rebels demanded disarmament of the local police, dismissal of all governing officials on the island, prohibition of paramilitary youth groups on the island and re-unification of the Korean peninsula.