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Kim Ryeo-ryeong (; born 1971) is a South Korean writer.
Jo Mi-ryung or Jo Mi-ryeong is a Korean name and may also refer to:
Kim Ye-ryeong (born Kim Yoon-mi on March 17, 1969) is a South Korean actress.
While having sex with a prostitute, Se-hun is killed by having his eye gouged out and telephone booth glass crushing him. Down on luck, Hyun-jun blackmails Jung-wook into becoming his lawyer by threatening him with a video that could potentially scandalize him and Mi-ryeong, with whom he still maintains a relationship despite his marriage. Hyun-jun is later killed inside Se-hun's studio. Jung-wook and Mi-ryeong attempt to take the video tape, but Seon-ae has already gotten it. After dumping Jung-wook, Mi-ryeong is found dead in the shower of her bathroom.
It is based on the bestselling novel Wandeuk by Kim Ryeo-ryeong, which has sold more than 700,000 copies since it was published in 2008.
Kwon also appeared in a bit part in "Hanji", which was directed by his father, acclaimed film director Im Kwon-taek. His mother is retired actress Chae Ryeong.
Jo Mi-ryeong (born February 4, 1929) is a South Korean actress. Jo was born in South Gyeongsang province in 1929.
Inspired by a classic Joseon legend from Korea's first collection of unofficial historical tales, about a fisherman who capture and kidnapped a mermaid, this drama tells the love story between the son of a Joseon noble family named Kim Dam-ryeong (Lee Min-ho) and a mermaid he named Se-hwa (Jun Ji-hyun). When Dam-ryeong was a kid, he almost drowned but was saved by a mermaid. Following the incident, they became friends and Dam-ryeong named her Se-hwa, after his younger sister. They ended up falling in love, but one day Dam-ryeong was forced by his family to marry another girl. Devastated by the news, Se-hwa decides to leave Dam-ryeong forever and erased all his memories of her and their love. However, fate brings them back together and they tried to escape from humans who were going to separate them. Fearing that the same ill-fate that afflicts himself and Se-hwa will replay itself, Dam-ryeong sends an artifact to be discovered in the future to try and warn his future self.
The fates of Dam-ryeong and Se-hwa become entwined with their modern-day incarnations. Dam-ryeong was reborn as Heo Joon-jae, a charming con-artist. He meets a mermaid who looks like Se-hwa (whom he later named Shim Cheong) in Spain, and she was quickly besotted by him. Linked by dreams and mysterious artifacts, Joon-jae learns of Dam-ryeong's world and his own fate, as he tries to prevent the same tragedy from befalling.
He married the actress Chae Ryeong, who appeared in several of his films. Their two sons Im Dong-joon and Im Dong-jae (the latter uses the stage name Kwon Hyun-sang) are also active in the film industry.
Officer ranks can be learned fairly easily if one sees the pattern. "So" equals small; "Jung" equals medium; "Dae" equals large. "Jun" equals the prefix sub-.. Each of these is coupled with "wi" equals company grade, "ryeong" equals field grade, and "jang" equals general. This system is due to the hanja or Sino-Korean origin of the names.
The Battle of Tianmenling (), or the Battle of Cheonmun-ryeong in Korean (Hangul: 천문령 전투), was a battle fought between Dae Jo-yeong, later founder of Balhae, and Li Kaigu (李楷固) a Khitan commander of the Chinese Tang dynasty.
Sachon spent his later years, after the 1545 purge of scholars called "Eulsa sahwa" (을사사화), here training young scholars. Both Jeong Cheol and Seohadang Kim Seong-Won studied here. Inside the pavilion there are on display poems by Song Si-yeol and Im Eok-ryeong.
In 2014, he appeared as a quirky supporting role in Lee Han's "Thread of Lies" (this was Lee's second film adaptation of a Kim Ryeo-ryeong novel after "Punch"). This was followed by a leading role in cable melodrama "Secret Love Affair", in which Yoo played a piano prodigy who falls for a married, much older woman.
Tomb of Youngshingun Yi I- Yi I (1424-1526 AD), whose royal name was Youngshingun, was the sixth son of UI Song Gun Chae, who was a son of Prince Hyo-ryeong, who was the second son of King Tae Jong. He was conferred his royal title after giving distinguished service to the royal family and the nation.
Presidential Security Service (Korean : 대통령경호실, Hanja : 大統領警護室, "Dae Tong Ryeong Gyeong Ho Shil"), or PSS for short, is a South Korean close protection agency. Based on the United States Secret Service, the South Korean PSS is an independent agency responsible for the protection of the President of South Korea and the Blue House.
Lee O Young (born January 15, 1934) is a South Korean critic and novelist. Although the romanized spelling of the hangul name "이어령" might be Yi O-Ryŏng or Lee Eo-ryeong, Lee O Young is the author's preferred romanization according to the Literature Translation Institute of Korea.
Thread of Lies (; lit. Elegant Lies) is a 2014 South Korean film based on the 2009 bestselling novel "Elegant Lies" by Kim Ryeo-ryeong. Directed by Lee Han, it starred Kim Hee-ae (in her first film in 21 years), Go Ah-sung, Kim Hyang-gi and Kim Yoo-jung.
Geolsa Biu was a 7th-century military leader of Baishan Mohe ancestry. Geolsa Biu took an active part in Balhae's effort for autonomy against the Tang Dynasty. Geolsa Biu's died in the Battle of Cheonmun-ryeong, in which Balhae achieved victory and declared autonomy.
The Republic of Korea Military Police (MP; in Korean: 헌병, "Heon-byeong"), are the uniformed law enforcement agencies of each respective branch of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces. Once operated under a unified Military Police Command (헌병총사령부, "Heon-byeong Chong-sa-ryeong-bu") between 1953 and 1960, the ROK's MP units are now commanded by the Army, Navy and Air Force HQs separately. ROK Army MPs also function as a border guards at the Korean Demilitarized Zone.