Synonyms for ryong or Related words with ryong

beom              seol              pyung              myeong              deok              heon              deuk              gyeong              yeong              hyeok              pyong              gyu              gyung              kwang              shik              taek              kyoung              gyeom              byung              cheol              yeop              ryeol              ssang              hyeon              kyong              kyeong              seong              chul              gwang              maeng              woong              byeong              poong              hyong              jinlee              nyeo              hyang              ryul              hyup              heelee              hyeong              byeon              chulpark              seop              haeng              sookim              hwakim              nyung              myong              gwan             

Examples of "ryong"
Mong-ryong discusses women with his magistrate and later returns to Chunhyang's house. Mong-ryong goes for a walk with Chunhyang, and though it is not revealed what the two discussed, Chunhyang returns with a pleased expression and an expectation of seeing Mong-ryong again.
Twins Jung So-ryong (Hangul: 정소룡; Chinese: 郑小龙 "Zheng Xiao Long") and Dae-ryong (Hangul: 정대룡; Chinese: 郑大龙 "Zheng Da Long") were born in Jilin, China, on .
The IYO's principal conductor is Ryong-Ung Kang and concertmaster is Cheol-Ryong Kim. They also play under Kim Byeong-hwa, Kim Ho-yun, Kim Il-jin, Kim Hong-jae and other conductors from abroad.
Yoo Jin-ryong is a South Korean politician who formerly served as the Minister of Culture.
Recently, Choe Ryong-hae has been replacing military officials with KSYL members.
Cho Hae-il (born 1941 as Cho Hae-ryong) is a South Korean writer.
Mong-ryong proposes to Chun-hyang again, and the two remarry and live happily ever after.
People with the single-syllable given name Yong or Ryong include:
Pak Chol-Ryong (born November 3, 1988) is a North Korean football player.
In the 2014 South Korean war film, "", Kurushima Michifusa is portrayed by actor Seung-Ryong Ryu.
Kim Jin-Ryong () is a South Korean football player, who currently plays for DRB-Hicom F.C. .
Previously filmed as "Beongeoli Sam-ryong" in 1929 by Na Woon-gyu.
Later, during a celebration, the magistrate is seen in a back room attempting to sexually excite Chunhyang because Mong-ryong had told him that she would only bow to his wishes and fulfill his desires if he were violent with her. Bangja causes a commotion to get the magistrate to release her, but is saved from being beaten by the guards when Mong-ryong arrives with a large contingent of guards. Mong-ryong arrests the magistrate and has Chunhyang whipped for her insolence until Bangja interferes, claiming that she has a husband whom she was remaining faithful to. Chunhyang stabs herself with a small blade, saying to Mong-ryong (whose face was hidden) that she wanted news of her death taken to Master Lee Mong-ryong.
Jo Hee-ryong (; 1789–1866) was a painter during the late Joseon Dynasty, born in Hanyang (today Seoul).
Jung Sung-Ryong played all the matches for the qualification matches and helped them qualify to the final round.
As of 2014, the Philippine government channel PTV had begun airing Korean dramas, starting with "Oh Ja Ryong is Coming".
Directors Ahn Sang-hee, Baek Seung-ryong, Kim Min, and Yoo Sung-mo are described them as "SNL Korea's F4."
Defence: Park Seong-Hwa (Hallelujah), Kim Chul-soo (POSCO), Chang Woe-Ryong (Daewoo), Lee Kang-Jo (Yukong Elephants)
Ryu states that he is the 14th-generation descendant of Joseon Dynasty Prime Minister Yu Seong-ryong.
Kim Jae-Ryong (born 25 April 1966) is a retired South Korean long-distance runner who specialized in the marathon.