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mihoko              hidemi              eijiro              sotaro              masayo              seiichiro              hachiro              masaomi              hisayoshi              eisuke              rikiya              miyasako              rieko              ryuuji              yousuke              ippei              tomotaka              katsuhisa              sankichi              mitsue              takehiro              shinpei              tomonori              kentarou              tomekichi              mototsugu              eitaro              takuji              mitsugu              yukimasa              yutaro              kinya              kanichi              shinpachi              tasuku              katsunori              ryosei              chikao              michiya              shihoko              yohei              seizaburo              umanosuke              harukawa              sachio              ryunosuke              katsuji              harue              utako              shuichiro             

Examples of "ryousuke"
At the showdown, Ryosuke and Takumi race with the racer from the Emperor Team, Kyouichi. Ryousuke and Takumi handle their common opponent from the and work together. The Emperor Team loses when Kyouichi swerves to avoid hitting a car and refuses to listen to advice. The race then leaves only Takumi and Ryosuke; they take each other on. In the midst, Bunta explains the factors on Takumi's chances to win. Finally Takumi succeeds to win the event by beating Ryousuke at the last hairpin turn with the new car's mechanics that he learned.
On 25 November 1937, at a former "honjin" in Okayama, the wedding of Kenzou Ichiyanagi and Katsuko Kubo is held. The celebrants include the mother Itoko, the third son Saburo, the second daughter Suzuko, the cousin Ryousuke, and Ginzo Kubo, Katsuko's uncle. During the ceremony, Suzuko plays the koto, and everything ends without incident.
Subsequently, the preceding band disbanded in 2005, and "The Novembers" was officially formed in March 2005 with Kobayashi and Takamatsu joined first by drummer Yoshiki Ryousuke in August 2005, before its current lineup solidified in October 2005 with the arrival of Matsumoto Kengo.
A 1980 graduate of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, in which he studied under Kounosuke Watanabe and Ryousuke Hatanaka, he has since obtained work as a singer, particularly in Baroque music in Europe, where he moved in 1986. He has performed with the Bach Collegium Japan under their conductor Masaaki Suzuki.
In the musicals, Kaidoh has been portrayed by Naoya Gomoto (2003-2005), Kousuke Kujirai (2005-2006), Tomo Yanagishita (2006-2008), Yuuichirou Hirata (2007-2009), Akihiro Hayashi (2008-2010), Ryousuke Ikeoka (2010–2012), Tatsunari Kimura (2012–2014), and Hiroki Sana (2015-2016).
Atienza started his stint on TV when he began hosting "Magandang Umaga, Pilipinas"'s Animalandia as well as voice acting in the 90's. He is also best known for voicing Takeru (renamed as Michael Joe) which is portrayed by Japanese Sentai actor Ryousuke Kaizu from the Super Sentai series, "Hikari Sentai Maskman" and he also references this in later years when he was being interviewed by fellow celebrity hosts.
Takumi is bothered by Natsuki's absence. Despite a fight between Itsuki and him where Itsuki claimed he saw Natsuki coming out of a love hotel with her older partner, he impulsively declares Natsuki a slut (but apologizes). Takumi suspects something amiss about her. When Ryousuke and Takeshi arrive to pick him up for their duel, Takumi follows, but he briefly sees Natsuki with her older partner, which seems to confirm what Itsuki saw.
The anime is directed by Keitaro Motonaga, with animation by Haoliners Animation League. Mai Matsuura and Norie Tanaka design the characters. They also serve as chief animation directors, alongside Ryousuke Tanigawa. Yasunori Ebina is in charge of the sound effects and Go Sakabe is the composer of the series. Takamitsu Kouno collaborates on the writing of scenarios. Yutaka Kamogawa is credited as the main animator. Kenichi Ohnuki and Hisashi Saito are credited with design works, while Goichi Iwahata is credited with prop design. Kei Ichikura is art director, while Hideki Imaizumi is director of photography. Aiko Shinohara is in charge of the color designs.
In mid-2005, Izawa was introduced to Ringo Sheena by H ZHETT M, then the keyboardist of Shiina's band Tokyo Jihen, as a potential replacement keyboardist (HZM planned to depart the group in order to concentrate more fully on his own band PE'Z). After a period of hesitation, he was eventually convinced by the encouragement of both Shiina and bassist Seiji Kameda, who is said to have told him "Hurry up and join so we can play together", and Izawa debuted later the same year as a member of Tokyo Jihen's Phase 2 lineup alongside new guitarist Ryousuke Nagaoka, nicknamed Ukigumo. He arranged the majority of the songs on their second album "Adult", and would go on to compose more songs for the group than any other member besides Shiina.
At the start of the production, tickets did not sell out and the type of production was merely an experiment. Manga-based musicals were not frequently seen, if at all. But, within 5 years the musical became popular enough to demand for double casting of characters to handle the amount of performances and to allow for overseas performances in Korea and Taiwan. In addition multiple shows were live streamed into theatres all around the country to make up for the lack of enough seats in the actual venue. Eventually the musical production launched the careers of many of the "hottest" idols in Japan, like Kimeru, Saito Takumi, Kazuki Kato, and Yuu Shirota. Even Europe got a taste of the production, when three of the actors (namely Ryousuke Katou, Shintarou Akiyama and Yuuichirou Hirata) hit Paris to attend the 10th edition of the Japan Expo in 2009