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Whang Bo-ryung = Smacksoft ( = Smacksoft), commonly known as Smacksoft, is a South Korean post-punk and experimental rock band formed in 2000 by the lead singer-songwriter Whang Bo-ryung.
Jo Mi-ryung or Jo Mi-ryeong is a Korean name and may also refer to:
Sung Eun-ryung (born 14 April 1992 in Seoul) is a South Korean luger.
After witnessing firsthand Mi-ryung's pitiful and lonely life, Soon-shin starts showing kindness to her birth mother. Mi-ryung values the relationship she's building with Soon-shin and is determined that nothing will ruin it. But after Soon-shin overhears in a conversation that her father Chang-hoon died while saving Mi-ryung, she runs away and Jung-ae takes her home. Soon-shin tells Mi-ryung that if she wants her forgiveness, she must beg her family for it, and help find the suspect by coming forward as a witness. Mi-ryung refuses to do it, saying that fame is all she has. After a change of heart, Mi-ryung tells Shin Dong-hyuk, Joon-ho's father, to take his car's black box to the police since it recorded what happened the night of the accident. Both Mi-ryung and Soon-shin's careers are jeopardized after the news goes public.
Another Chinese expat who works together with Chae-ryung for the same secret organization.
One morning, as the court maids go about their work, one of them, Wol-ryung (Seo Young-hee), also Hee-bin's most trusted maid, is found dead, hanging from the rafters of the palace roof. Initially assuming it to be suicide, Chun-ryung (Park Jin-hee), the royal medic, discovers as she proceeds with the autopsy that Wol-ryung was actually strangled. She also discovers that there are signs that the maid had given birth at some time in the past, which would have been absolutely forbidden under palace rules. Ignoring orders from her superiors to wrap up the case quickly, Chun-ryung sets off in search of answers.
The novel was published in Korean, in 2007. It was translated from English to Korean by Boo Hee-ryung.
Hyomin made her big screen debut in the horror film "Gisaeng Ryung". The film was released on August 4, 2011.
Kim Ian () (born Kim Bo-ryung on March 28, 1987) is a South Korean actor and singer.
Mrs. Cop 2 () is a 2016 South Korean drama series starring Kim Sung-ryung and Kim Min-jong.
Oh Se-ryung is a model-turned-stylist who is Joo-yeon's constant rival at work. She's uninhibited, honest, and always true to her emotions. Though Se-ryung has a line of guys waiting to date her since her school days, Tae-yoon is the only man she's genuinely fallen for, and she'll do anything to get him back.
Yoo Min-soo is the eldest son of the hospital's CEO. His wife Jang Mi-ryung bears a child out of wedlock but raises it with maternal love.
He has one son and one daughter with his ex-wife Lim Se-ryung, whom he divorced in 2009. Lee enjoys golf and horseback riding.
In Atlanta 1996 he won the silver medal in Boccia Individual C1 after losing to Hae Ryung Kim from South Korea.
Moo Ryung is at the airport with Johnny waiting, wishing that Yoo Hee comes to see him. When Yoo Hee's father wakes up he is embarrassed by what he has done and tells her to leave. Then Joon Ha waiting outside the door and tries to make one last attempt to make her stay with him but she tells that she has to see Moo Ryung and he offers her a ride. She meets Moo Ryung. He did not get on the plane because of her and they embrace and kiss.
After breaking off their mentoring relationship, Soon-shin eventually finds out that Mi-ryung is her birth mother. She refuses to live with her, despite facing difficulty with her adoptive family. Soon-shin only agrees to stay at Mi-ryung's house to keep reporters away from her adoptive family. Upset at Soon-shin's coldness, Mi-ryung tells Soon-shin that Chang-hoon isn't her birth father, so she has no reason to go back to her adoptive family. Soon-shin keeps her paternity a secret from her adoptive family and, in the meantime, lives with Mi-ryung while she and Joon-ho work on her acting debut.
Il-do is Mi-ryung's manager for 30 years, who she fires after learning of his corrupt practices. He was then rehired after news broke about Mi-ryung (it was also Il-do's fault, though Mi-ryung does not know). He also gives advice to Mi-ryung, much to her disgust, on what she should do in certain situations like admitting she had a child. Ironically, Mi-rung never takes his advice at first, but after thinking about it, she invariably follows his suggestions. He also played a role in Soon-shin and Mi-ryung's reconciliation.
Se-ryung learns that Seung-yoo is chosen as the candidate for Prince Consort and is devastated. Her cousin, Princess Kyunghye understands the political import of marrying Seung-yoo and orders her not to meet Seung-yoo again, suspecting that the two are falling in love. Meanwhile, Seung-yoo and Se-ryung meet outside the palace again. However, they are tailed by Suyang's spies. Following their time together, Seung-yoo writes a letter to Se-ryung and sends it to the real Princess. Kyunghye understanding that they met despite her orders, is furious. At the next lesson, she locks up Se-ryung and takes her place, thereby revealing the deception to Seung-yoo. However she hides Se-ryung's identity from him by calling her a palace maid who took her place.
Each of these is coupled with "wi" (尉) equals company grade, "ryung" (領) equals field grade, and "jang" (將) equals general.
Queen's Flower () is a 2015 South Korean television series starring Kim Sung-ryung, Lee Sung-kyoung, Lee Jong-hyuk and Yoon Park. It aired on MBC on Saturdays and Sundays 21:45 for 50 episodes beginning March 14, 2015.