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yousuke              sosuke              yusaku              mieko              kyoichi              yukie              eisuke              suguru              saeko              misako              katsuo              michiyo              kouhei              tomokazu              mikako              hideko              yuuta              hasumi              kuniko              tomoki              tomonori              tokiko              kiichi              hiroto              hidetaka              kuranosuke              shuichiro              katsumi              kyousuke              tasuku              shinichiro              chikage              yakusho              natsuo              mitsugu              chieko              kyosuke              miyoko              yumiko              yuuya              momoka              katsuhisa              chinatsu              sotaro              shinpachi              kyoji              rintaro              kyouichi              momoko              mutsumi             

Examples of "ryunosuke"
The following girls are not classmates of Ryunosuke:
Ryunosuke Kamiki is cast as Sōjirō in two live-action sequels to "Rurouni Kenshin".
With this realization, Ryunosuke appears to descend into complete insanity. He starts slashing at the shadows of the ghosts that surround him, and then begins attacking his fellow assassins, who seem to number in the hundreds. In one of the longest (seven minutes) and most famous sword fight scenes on film, Ryunosuke kills dozens of gang members in the burning courtesan house as they gradually wear him down with what few wounds they can inflict. Finally it appears that Ryunosuke will surely be killed; bleeding and staggering, his face contorted in rage, he lurches forward, raises his sword once more, and the film ends; a freeze-frame catching Ryunosuke in mid sword-slash.
Kappa (河童) is a novel written by Ryunosuke Akutagawa in 1927.
Ryunosuke is portrayed by . As a child, he is portrayed by .
Aonami yonaoshi (Blue Wave World Reformation) as ikenami ryunosuke"shinken blue" character song
Ryunosuke Noda (野田 隆之介, born September 28, 1988) is a Japanese football player.
This story has been lauded by comparative literary critics, being compared even to famous Japanese short story author Akutagawa Ryunosuke.
, , , , , , and , guests stars as Takeru Shiba, Ryunosuke Ikenami, Mako Shiraishi, Chiaki Tani, Kotoha Hanaori, Genta Uemori, and Hikoma Kusakabe respectively.
The story follows the life of Ryunosuke Tsukue (Tatsuya Nakadai), an amoral samurai and a master swordsman with an unorthodox style. Ryunosuke is first seen when he kills an elderly Buddhist pilgrim who he finds praying for death. He appears to have no feeling. Later, he kills an opponent in self-defense in a fencing competition that was intended to be non-lethal, but became a duel after he coerced his opponent's wife to have sex with him in exchange for throwing the match and allowing her husband to win. His opponent finds out about the affair prior to the match, and is shown giving his wife a notice of divorce. His rage at Ryunosuke during the match causes him to take an illegal lunging attack after the judge proclaims a draw, and Ryunosuke, the better swordsman, parries and kills him with one stroke of his bokken. Ryunosuke flees town after killing the man, and cuts down many of the dead opponent's clansmen who attack him as he is leaving. His opponent's ex-wife asks to go along with him. To make a living, Ryunosuke joins the Shinsengumi, a sort of semi-official police force made up of rōnin that supports the Tokugawa shogunate through murder and assassinations.
Yanagi recently starred in the stage play 'Taikan Kisetsu' (Cornflakes), alongside former Hyouteimyu cast member Kawaii Ryunosuke. In January 2008 he also starred as one of the main characters in the play 'Sohji'.
Kenji Koiso (Ryunosuke Kamiki) is a young student at Kuonji High School with a gift for mathematics and a part-time moderator in the massive computer-simulated virtual reality world OZ along with his friend Takashi Sakuma (Takahiro Yokokawa).
In the second game, "Starry☆Sky~in Summer~", Tsukiko has joined the academy's archery club. As she practices for the summer competition, she simultaneously solves the problems between her teammates (Homare Kanakubo, Ryunosuke Miyaji, and Azusa Kinose).
Twentieth-century Japanese novelist Ryunosuke Akutagawa wrote a short story based on the folktale in which, after avenging their mother's death by attacking the monkey, the crab children are arrested and face the death penalty.
is a young man who gave up becoming a kabuki actor to answer the call of serving the Shiba House. Due to his parents' upbringing, he is extremely enthusiastic and takes his role as Takeru's vassal seriously. His fierce loyalty and enthusiasm brings much comic relief. He is completely dedicated to his role as Takeru's vassal and follows a meticulously and rigorously self-planned daily training schedule. Should he make a mistake in front of his lord, Ryunosuke will discipline himself severely; he once stood under a public fountain begging for forgiveness. Ryunosuke is also the engineer behind many of the Samurai Combinations, having figured out how to combine the Origami into Tenku-Shinkenoh and later into Samuraihaoh. He is initially unreceptive towards Genta, who he once called a "wannabe" samurai. Ryunosuke is probably the closest in terms of skill to Takeru, arguably equal to him sometimes. As such, Ryunosuke is typically the one to lead the other vassals in Takeru's absence. He also respects Chiaki's ability for improvisation, though Chiaki's slacking ways tend to annoy him greatly. Nevertheless, the two of them work well in tandem. When Kaoru reveals herself, Ryunosuke becomes confused about whom to follow, because he had pledged his life to the head of the Shiba family. After he receives some advice that clears his mind, he goes to Takeru, saying that he has pledged his life to Takeru Shiba, and only Takeru Shiba, and he will fight under him until the end. After the final battle, Ryunosuke gives Takeru a kabuki-styled farewell dance and goes back to work as a kabuki actor.
Through all his interactions, whether killing a man or at home with his mistress and their baby son, Ryunosuke rarely shows any emotion. His expression is fixed in a glassy stare that suggests a quiet insanity.
Ryūnosuke, Ryunosuke or Ryuunosuke (written: 龍之介, 隆之介 or 竜之介 lit. "dragon herald") is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:
Although not a real transformation, this was the first form the Shinkengers had made with their Samurai Combination. In episode 2, Ryunosuke gives a brief explanation of the Samurai Combination before initiating it. Unfortunately, not knowing that it required Takeru's command through the use of Modikara, the Origami Giants merely stacked one on top of the other, Chiaki's being the bottom, followed by Ryunosuke, Mako above, Kotoha on the top, and Takeru floating around. It is referred to as "Oden" by Kotoha and referred to as "Daruma Otoshi" by the Ayakashi Ootsumuji.
The Natsume family — Professor Kyusaku, his wife Akiko, and fourteen-year-old son Ryunosuke — take in a young woman by the name of Atsuko, who has lost her memory. Unbeknownst to all of them, Atsuko is an Androrobot prototype which has escaped from the power Mishima Corporation's research facilities.
Nagisa has lived with her mother ever since her parents divorced in her childhood. One day her mother is killed in an accident, so now she has to live with her stepfather, Ryunosuke. But he is so nuts that she is always irritated by him