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andou              harukawa              katou              eijiro              ryousuke              shuuji              jouji              kyusaku              yuiko              kohinata              futoshi              chiyoko              michiya              yousuke              tomotaka              ruriko              akinobu              shinpei              takehito              mahito              kosakai              gakuto              kentarou              kimihiro              kotoe              eisuke              kanami              suzuri              shizuki              genzo              hiroto              shinpachi              moritaka              kaburagi              tokiko              miyasako              hajimemashita              mikiko              tasuku              kyohei              shihoko              hisayoshi              kyoji              masayo              jinnai              suguru              yanada              kakei              kojiro              kinya             

Examples of "ryuuji"
Ryuuji Kasahara, who later played Kyaosu, portrayed him.
The story centers around the life of a young boxer named Ryuuji Takane and his sister Kiku, who is his coach. Ryuuji and his sister both inherited their father's talent for boxing with Ryuuji inheriting his strength and techniques while Kiku picked up his talent for analysis and strategy. In the past, their father was a famous boxer. Ryuuji and Kiku went away from home to train and become famous in order to help their lonely mother. On the way to stardom, they have to defeat the strongest challengers all over the world.
The main techniques of Ryuuji are his Left-Right Jabs, his stubborn courage (similar to that of Seiya when fighting and never giving up) and his special technique, the "Boomerang Hook" and "Boomerang Thelios". Ryuuji and Kawai were the finalists of the tournament.
In Ring ni Kakero 1, the characters are briefly introduced, telling the story from the moment Ryuuji and Jun Kenzaki (his eternal challenger and supposedly best friend) fight for the National Boxing Title and having both achieved stardom. Ryuuji's sister then tells the story from the beginning which starts from when Ryuuji is the finalist in a local youth championship and had to compete against Kenzaki, the latter winning after an almost tie and K.O. one-to-one fight.
Rei Iwatsuki moved from her hometown Kōchi to Tokyo to pursue her dreams. On arrival, she found a job as a waitress in a restaurant and met guitarist Ryuuji Shintani. Ryuuji liked her voice and invited her to join his band as the vocalist, The Survival Company (also known as Sabakan). The two started a relationship but then broke off when Rei wanted to write her own songs.
Upon discovering that Ryuuji is in New York, Rei flew to New York to meet him just before an important concert that could make her a real star in Japan.
Zoro (stylized as ZORO) was a Japanese visual kei rock band formed in January 2007. Though they were originally a four-piece band for four years, as of 2011, the band is a duo consisting of vocalist Ryuuji and bassist Tatsuhi.
At the end of the TV series, Rei began to gain fame as a rising vocalist for The Survival Company. Ryuuji's band though was involved in triad activities and was disbanded. Ryuuji moved to New York City to restart his life.
Professor Tomoe is voiced by Akira Kamiya in "Sailor Moon S" and by Takuya Kirimoto in "Crystal". In the Cloverway Inc. English adaptation produced in association with Optimum Productions, he is voiced by Jeff Lumby. In the Viz Media English adaptation, he is voiced by Keith Silverstein. In the musicals, he has been portrayed by Shunsaku Yajima, Ryuuji Kasahara, Kaname Aoki and Yuuki Kaon.
Vocalist Ryuuji, bassist Tatsuhi, and drummer Yuuya were previously part of a band called Soroban. After Soroban disbanded, the three went on to form the band Zoro in January 2007. Their first performance was at Liquidroom Ebisu on March 5, 2007, although they did not have a drummer. Taizo later joined Zoro in June 2007 after the disbandment of his previous band, Mouse.
is Professor Hazuki's daughter. She was initially against the Go-Busters, believing that the Energy Management Center sacrificed her father for their own means, but after learning the truth from Ryuuji and Jin, she decides to give them her full support. She gives the Go-Busters the Lio Attache with the full belief that they would be able to carry on her father's legacy.
For more than three decades, he has been the only Asian native (not counting Sang Lee who represented the United States at the time) ever to win a World Three-cushion Championship. Two other players from Japan were close to achieving a world title but both were not very fortunate. This was until Ryuuji Umeda, another Japanese, won the title in 2007.
It should be noted that other opponents make cameo appearances, such as the USA (Black Shaft) and France (Napoleón Bara) Champions. Also Führer Skörpion had an appearance, who ordered a fellow member of the Boxing Team to "follow" (i.e.: spy on) Kenzaki and Ryuuji, as possible threats to the World Championship.
On December 27, 2010, at Maverick DC Group's annual concert Jack in the Box 2010, Zoro revealed that Yuuya and Taizo would be leaving the band and that the band would go on a hiatus. Their last performance together was held at C.C.Lemon Hall on December 29, 2010. During the performance, vocalist Ryuuji declared to the audience that he and Tatsuhi would continue Zoro as a duo. The band later departed from Maverick DC Group's record label, Danger Crue Records.
D-Cyber / Digimon D-Cyber (數碼暴龍) is a Chinese Digimon manhua, which was released by Rightman Publishing Ltd. in Hong Kong, China on February 17, 2005. It is based on the adventures of Hikaru Ryuuji, Masuken Kana, Teru Raku, and a young girl named Kiyoshi. It introduces the concept of X Digimon, but their origin is different from that in the Japanese Digimon Chronicle.
The music video used for "Bokutachi no Yukue" was shot by director Seki Ryuuji. The video has Hitomi singing in a seemingly deserted wasteland. Hitomi is also shown running throughout the video, until she stops in front of a cloaked man. After receiving a white rose from him, everything starts to become blurred as a fierce wind forms from the rose. Once the wind dissipates, she proceeds to follow the man and then the video ends.
Major supporting characters in the first game include Mister One, the school's unsociable janitor, and those introduced in the Torimi Café side storyline: Azami Koshiba, a no-nonsense takoyaki saleswoman; Rabu, a chauffeur and frequent customer of the café; and Kenzaburou Urushihara, the dapper owner of the café. The "Bad Boys Love" route also posthumously introduces Ryouta's deceased father Ryuuji. "Holiday Star" introduces Tohri Nishikikouji, the arrogant editor of an in-universe manga anthology; Miru and Kaku, an energetic pair of strange dove-like creatures; Albert Alain Alkan, Sakuya's stoic butler; and the King, an enigmatic being who rules the game's titular Holiday Star.
Afterwards, most of the series tells about Ryuuji being the successor of Kenzaki (as the latter was terribly injured and almost crippled), who competes in the Japan National Boxing Championship, where he encounters strong and deadly opponents, including Ishimatsu Katori (a comic relief, but also a strong fighter), Takeshi Kawai (who specializes in the upper jab technique; he is also a pianist and also likes to cheat) and Kazuki Shinatora (who specializes in the Rolling Thunder technique; he is a former kendo practitioner, who retired when he challenged his father due to his cruel training).
The are servants of Professor Tomoe in the musicals "Usagi Ai no Senshi e no Michi", "Henshin - Super Senshi e no Michi", and its revision. They are four men portrayed as thinking highly of themselves and as masters of disguise. The Mannetjes are tasked with finding the talismans, and are rivals of Kaolinite's own set of minions: the Death Nightmares. They are killed by the Sailor Soldiers, but are revived by Sailor Moon at the end of the musical. Their leader is Death Ra, and other members include Death Ri, Death Ru and Death Debu Re. They are respectively played by Ryuuji Kasahara, Masakazu Idono, Masayuki Ozaki, and Kouhei Kowada.
In the "Eien Densetsu" Sailor Moon musical, Chaos appears as , another male servant of Galaxia. He functions as comic relief and is apparently very weak. He disguises himself as the director of a school play that the younger Soldiers are starring in and also poses as the Three Lights' manager. Later on in the musical, he makes a deal to assist Sailor Moon, taking her and the Starlights to the Galaxy Cauldron and promising to save a Sailor Soldier from death (he saves Sailor Mercury). However, after Galaxia's defeat, Kyaosu reveals himself to be Chaos. With his power sealed inside Galaxia, he was forced to inhabit a weak physical shell. After Moon purged his energy from Galaxia, however, he regains his full strength and once more threatens to destroy the galaxy. He is defeated when all the Soldiers, including a revived Galaxia, combine their powers. Ryuuji Kasahara played the role of Chaos.