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On 26 August 2012, Cerezo Osaka announced the termination of their contract with Sérgio Soares and reappointed Levir Culpi.
Sérgio Soares da Silva (born 11 January 1967) is a Brazilian retired footballer who played as a midfielder, and the current coach of Ceará.
Carille retired in 2007 at the age of 33 with Grêmio Barueri, and was immediately appointed as interim manager, as the club's manager Sérgio Soares was relieved from his duites. He would subsequently remain at the club for two more seasons, acting as an assistant manager and under-20 manager.
In 2010, Kim dropped out of Hongik University and signed a three-year contract for J1 League side Cerezo Osaka. After he was loaned out to J. League Division 2 side Oita Trinita for the 2010 season, he returned to Cerezo Osaka. During the 2011 season, Kim scored 8 goals. In 2012, while Levir Culpi resigned and Cerezo Osaka appointed Sérgio Soares as the new manager, he remained a key player for the team, scoring 7 goals in 15 matches. When he left the team to participate in the 2012 Summer Olympics, he was the fourth leading goal scorer in J1 League.