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misako              nanba              machiko              tainaka              kaji              sayo              kumai              teru              mayako              yukie              mimori              neya              nirai              fumi              yamai              rokuro              maasa              shizue              kiku              kaho              yuge              ruriko              maaya              kouda              hina              yasuko              tokiko              momoko              yousuke              michiyo              ikumi              moritaka              manaka              hinako              andou              setsu              minako              sunao              kushi              ritsu              shunya              yuria              haruko              nagi              inami              godai              touka              ikuko              chinatsu              chieko             

Examples of "sachi"
Princess Indrasakdi Sachi (; RTGS: "Inthrasak Sachi") or former HM Queen Indrasakdi Sachi (10 June 1902 – 30 November 1975) née Miss Praphai Sucharitakul, (; RTGS: "Praphai Sucharitakun") was a queen of Thailand. She was daughter of Chao Praya Sudharm Montri, younger sister of Pra Sucharit Suda. The name means ""Sachi wife of Indra"."
Sachi Tamashiro (born April 28, 1980) is a Mexican actress.
There is a legend that Kazunomiya gave one of her ladies-in-waiting to Iemochi as a concubine, named Sachi. Sachi followed the Shogun to Kyoto and Osaka, but one year after Iemochi's death, Sachi was murdered by a samurai from Satsuma who believed her to be Kazunomiya.
The protagonist. While training to become a Trimmer, he begins to realize his latent feelings for Sachi. He ultimately joins Midou at the 'FRIENDS' pet store. He is called "Master" by Sachi and Hinata at the beginning of the game.
His many stories were published in a well known story book "Sachi Kahanian – True Stories". In 1990 he joined "Sachi Kahaniya'n" (Dosheeza Group of Publication) as a sub-editor and became the editor of "Sachi Kahanian" in 1994. He worked for 18 years at "Sachi Kahanian". He started writing the novel "Ghazi" for "Sachi Kahanian" in early days of his job in the form of serial. After capturing the readers for many years "Ghazi" was published in a form of book and became the best seller novel of the year. In July 2008 Pervez Bilgrami left the editorship of "Sachi Kahanian" and joined "Sarguzasht" (Jasoosi Group of Publication) as an editor and he has been working with "Sarguzasht" for last four years.
Common Craft is a small instructional video company owned by Sachi and Lee LeFever
In 1999, Greenberg teamed up with producer/composer a Joe Buck (Sachi) and created the songwriting/production duo TREE.
This page contains the filmography of the Japanese film director Sachi Hamano, considered the most prolific female pink film director.
Stephanie Sachiko "Sachi" Parker (born September 1, 1956) is an American actress who has numerous film and television credits.
Sachi is also a new transferred student like Jiyuu. A somewhat stoic figure, she never seems to have much to say nor wants to do anything, and often declines the formation of the "New Student Lovelies", which makes Shoko say that she is no fun. Sachi appears to have some romantic interest with Kozaru.
Chokichi made his two daughters Shizu and Sachi go back to his home in Shimane, Japan, but Chokichi's older brother Ryosuke Hiramatsu (Toranosuke Kato) sent Shizu to her aunt Fusa (Eri Fuse) living in Hiroshima, he also sent Sachi to her aunt Toki (Kaoru Sugita) living in Okinawa separately from each other. When the war between Japan and the U.S. broke out, Shizu and Sachi were bullied by the schools' student and their aunts' family like being said that "Go Back To America !" because of the enemy country's persons.
Pooja and Jennifer become friends and she introduces the mother and daughter to Sachi. Jennifer has a soft corner for Sachi who is unable to express his love for her. Meanwhile, Pooja slowly starts falling in love with Sachi. Then the news come that a young Israeli soldier is coming down from Jerusalem to marry Jennifer. Jennifer's grandfather Gregory (Janardhanan) is delighted that now at least he and his family can go back to motherland. Jennifer agrees to the marriage as she wants to see her parents happy. But things take a change from then.
In 2009, at age sixteen, Ondra competed for the first time in the Lead Climbing World Cup and won, beating Spanish Patxi Usobiaga and Japanese Sachi Amma.
In the ending of the WWII, Sachi experienced the Battle of Okinawa as the member of the girls students' nursing. After the suicide of the General of the Imperial Japanese Army Mitsuru Ushijima, she was helped by Hiroshi Komiya who was a translator in Okinawa and the Corporal of the United States Marine Corps. Shizu experienced the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. After the war, Sachi went to Hiroshima where devastated by the atomic bomb to look for Shizu in near hospital with Hiroshi during his ten holidays. Sachi run away from the hospital with Shizu, they went to Kyoto where wasn't devastated by the bombing. Sachi found her job that related with the clothing in Tokyo, but Shizu died by the illness caused by atomic bomb radiation in July 1947.
"Dear..." is an album from Sachi Tainaka that was released on March 7, 2007. It reached the 33rd place on the Oricon Weekly Albums Chart.
Podothecus sachi is a fish in the family Agonidae (poachers). It was described by David Starr Jordan and John Otterbein Snyder in 1901.
Sachi is the long-suffering wife of popular novelist Otani in post-World War II Japan. Brilliant but self-destructive, Otani spends his days drinking, running up debts, and looking for inspiration with other women. A visit from Miyo and Kichizo, the owners of the tavern which Otani frequents, informs Sachi that her husband has run up a fortune in debts and has stolen money from them. To pay off the debt, Sachi becomes a waitress at the bar, where her beauty and warmth bring in new customers. While working at the bar, she meets a young laborer, Okada, who falls in love with her. Also on hand are Sachi's old boyfriend, Tsuji, and her husband's mistress, Akiko. Though increasingly empowered by her new independence, Sachi retains her allegiance to her husband.
The origin of the name "Sachiya" for the goddess is explained thus: Goddess Sachi was a daughter of the "Asura" king Pauloma. King Pauloma ruled a great kingdom, and was a benevolent king who sponsored many Brahmins (for example, Shukracharya, who was pursuing research on immortality under his patronage). Vrut (Vritra) was the chief of Pauloma's army, and he wanted to marry Sachi. However, Sachi considered this proposal insulting, as she did not want to marry a servant of her father. Knowing the thoughts of Sachi, Vrut left the service of Pauloma and worshipped Lord Shiva, a common god of the Asuras. Shiva gave Vrut his blessing, and the boon that he could not be killed by any known weapons of that time. Vrut, with his magic, assembled a great army, and with this virtue of immortality, he set out to win the Aryan lands and carve out a kingdom greater than Pauloma's.
Her second film, "All Me, All the Time" (2007), starred John Augustine, Siri Baruc, Janine Barris, Sachi Parker, Keir Dullea and his real life wife, Mia Dillon.
Jessica (voice by Sachi Kokuryū) is a cat who is knowledgeable about fashion and loves to cook a lot. She is Cony's best friend.