Synonyms for sagde or Related words with sagde

hvordan              eigi              elsket              skyldi              bakom              kunne              hvorfor              virksomhed              farvel              pige              honum              gehoord              haursa              bryllup              goet              vidare              hadde              evig              videnskab              eptir              gjort              blev              gjorde              allra              enkel              einum              gekk              okej              eftir              pojkar              vildu              hennar              forfatter              fienden              bryta              glemt              gedaan              nemen              blevet              bogh              egne              gezien              dreng              skulle              omkring              dzim              doet              sjuttio              elskede              giftig             

Examples of "sagde"
He performs with his band Lars Lilholt Band. In 1982, he released album "Og fanden dukked' op og sagde ja" his first solo album. He formed Lars Lilholt Band the following year made up of Lars Lilholt, Tine Lilholt, Kristian Lilholt, Gert Vincent and Tommy Kejser. When Kejser became manager of the band, he was replaced by Tom Bilde (from Mek Pek Partyband)
In 1105, she married King Niels of Denmark. Niels was made king in 1104, but he was described as a passive monarch who lacked the capacity to rule and who left the affairs of the state to his queen. With his blessing, Margaret governed Denmark. She is described as a wise ruler, and the relationship between Denmark and her birth country Sweden was very peaceful during her time as queen. It was said that: "Styrelsen beroede for størstedelen paa den ædle dronning Margrete, saa at fremmede sagde, at Danmarks styrelse laa i kvindehaand" ("The rule was so much dependant on the noble Queen Margaret, that foreigners remarked that the rule of Denmark lay in a woman's hand"). She minted her own coins, something unique for a queen consort of this time. The Danish coins printed during this period bears the inscription: "Margareta-Nicalas" ("Margaret-Niels").
Jysk exhibits many diphthongs, which are not present in standard Danish. The long stressed mid vowels, /e:/, /ø:/, and /o:/ become /iə/, /yə/, and /uə/ respectively in central Jutland as well as SSlesv, e.g. "ben" = Standard Danish 'leg', "bonde" 'farmer' = Standard Danish (< "bōndi"). SønJy has the same vowel quality for these vowels, but exhibits a tonal distinction, which is present in place of the Danish stød. NJy raises them without diphthonging them to /i:/, /y:/, and /u:/ respectively. In a small area of Mid Western Jutland called Hards the vowels become diphthonged with a glide, much like in English and are pronounced as /ej/, /øj/, and /ow/. In Norther Jutland /i:/, /y:/, and /u:/ are also diphthonged in two syllable words with a glide. NJy always has the glide present (/ij/, /yj/, /uw/) and NVJy tends towards the glide, but it is not present for all speakers. Long "a" and "å" have been raised to and respectively in northern Jutlandic, e.g. "sagde" 'said' = Standard Danish , "gå" 'go, walk' = Standard Danish . Map 2.2 shows the different possible pronunciations for the standard Danish mid, stressed vowels which is further explained in the following table.