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grewia              hexandra              platyphyllum              candolleana              auriculatum              nilagirica              desf              puberula              celebica              meliosma              thwaitesii              vahlii              graminifolia              zeylanicus              mysorensis              pipturus              gaudich              manettia              ovatum              heliotropium              themeda              desmostachya              wahlenbergia              quercetorum              travancorica              athyrium              arracacia              subulata              micranthus              beddomei              luisia              zeuxine              malabarica              thespesia              ehretia              habenaria              sessiliflora              glandulifera              filipes              forssk              tarenna              corymbosus              salisb              macbr              nepalensis              collinum              muehlenbeckia              asystasia              breviflora              dipterocarpus             

Examples of "sagina"
"Sagina Mahato", a story written by him in remembrance of a colleague of his in his political activist past, was successfully adopted into movies in Hindi (Sagina) and Bengali (Sagina Mahato) by Tapan Sinha, with the famous thespian Dilip Kumar playing the part of the protagonist Sagina Mahato in both instances.
Sagina subulata (heath pearlwort, Irish-moss, awl-leaf pearlwort or Scottish moss; syn. "Sagina pilifera" auct. non (DC.) Fenzl) is a species of "Sagina", native to Europe, from Iceland south to Spain, and east to southern Sweden and Romania. It occurs on dry sandy or gravelly soils.
There are two varieties, "Sagina subulata" var. "subulata" with glandular-hairy sepals, and "Sagina subulata" var. "glabrata" Gillot with hairless sepals; the latter is often a lawn weed, and has been confused with the related Mediterranean species "Sagina pilifera". The cultivar 'Aurea' (referred to as Scottish or Scotch Moss in the horticultural trade) is grown as a garden plant.
Plants from northwestern Europe reported as this species are based on misidentification of "Sagina subulata".
Sagina maritima is a species of flowering plant in the pink family known by the common name sea pearlwort.
J.K. Kapur produced the historic 1970 Bengali Movie, "Sagina Mahato" followed by its Hindi remake, "Sagina," released July 26, 1974. Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu played the leads in both versions of this tale and Dilip Kumar received various accolades for his role including Best Actor at the BFJA Awards in 1971.
Sagina nodosa (knotted pearlwort) is a species in the genus "Sagina", native to northern Europe. It is a low-growing plant up to 15 cm tall, with paired leaves up to 1 cm long. The flowers are 5–10 mm diameter, with five white petals.
Sagina is a 1974 Hindi movie, produced by J.K. Kapur and directed by Tapan Sinha, the film stars Dilip Kumar, Saira Banu, Aparna Sen and Om Prakash. It was a remake of a Bengali version called "Sagina Mahato" which was released in 1970, directed by Tapan Sinha, with the same lead pair in the cast.
Sagina pilifera is a species of "Sagina", native (and endemic) to the Mediterranean islands of Corsica and Sardinia, where it grows in mountains at altitudes of 1,000–2,700 m. It is a prostrate herbaceous plant growing to 2–8 cm tall, with white flowers 1 cm in diameter.
"Tere Mere Sapne" (1971), "Sharmeelee" (1971), "Abhimaan" (1973), "Prem Nagar" (1974), "Sagina" (1974), "Chupke Chupke" (1975), and "Mili" (1975) are other classics from this period.
"Sagina Mahato", a 1970 Bengali film, directed by Tapan Sinha, deal with labour rights in the tea plantations in the Northeast during the British Raj.
Both Gough Island and the Prince Edward Islands also suffer from invasive procumbent pearlwort ("Sagina procumbens"), which is transforming the upland ecosystem and is now considered beyond control.
Sinha's "Sagina Mahato" might be categorised as a political film, although human drama and relationship lie at the heart of this magnum opus. Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu play the central characters. Anil Chatterjee also has a supporting role. The Hindi version of the film, named "Sagina", also stars Dilp Kumar as the central character. The film was entered into the 7th Moscow International Film Festival.
The plant taxa "Dichoropetalum stridii" (Hartvig) Pimenov & Kljuykov, "Onosma stridii" Teppner, "Sagina stridii" Kit Tan, Zarkos & Christodoulou, "Crocus biflorus" subsp. "stridii" (Papan. & Zacharof) B. Mathew, "Astragalus stridii" Kit Tan are named after him.
British NVC community OV20 ("Poa annua" - "Sagina procumbens" community) is one of the open habitat communities in the British National Vegetation Classification system. It is one of six communities characteristic of gateways, tracksides and courtyards.
He made his music debut under the name Shaukat Dehalvi in the 1947 action film "Dildaar". The director was Shiv Raj, and it had lyrics by C.M. Muneer. The cast consisted of Sagina, Yashonat, Dev Radha and Deepak.
Sagina is a factory laborer,and aggressive, honest and lovable character who was the first to fight against the tyranny of the British bosses in the Tea gardens of North-Eastern India.
Flora: "Ophioglossum vulgatum" L. (adder's tongue); "Rorippa palustris" (L.) Besser (marsh yellow cress); "Sagina nodosa" (L.) Fenzl (knotted pearlwort); "Carex pseudocyperus" L. (cyperus sedge); "Carex pendula" Huds; "Carex strigosa" Huds; "Glyceria plicata" Fr.; "Bromus racemosus" L.
In 1998 a number of procumbent pearlwort ("Sagina procumbens") plants were found on the island which are capable of dramatically transforming the upland plant ecosystem (as it has on the Prince Edward Islands).
Sagina Mahato is a 1970 Bengali film. Produced by Shri J.K. Kapur and directed by Tapan Sinha, the film stars Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu. The film is based on the true story of the labour movement of 1942-43, told through with fictional characters, and the mock trial of Sagina Mahato, the trade union leader of a factory in Siliguri. It was entered into the 7th Moscow International Film Festival. The film was shot on locations in Kurseong, near Darjeeling. The film was remade as a Hindi film titled "Sagina" in 1974, by Sinha with the same leads, produced by the same producers team J.K. Kapur and Heman Ganguly, though this version wasn't successful.