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Examples of "saglio"
Henry Saglio began a pioneering effort to breed a white chicken, because black pinfeathers were difficult to pluck from a bird headed for the dinner table. In 1948, the Saglio Brothers formed Arbor Acres and produced a broiler chicken that A&P Food Stores awarded the title "Chicken of Tomorrow". By 1958 Arbor Acres was selling globally. Today the brand is owned by Aviagen. In 1977, Henry Saglio was inducted into the Poultry Hall of Fame.
Noémie Saglio (born 1 March 1982) is a French film director and screenwriter.
Others were Marianne Clouzot, Jacques Drésa (André Saglio), Marguérite Dubuisson, Charles Martin, Maurice Taquoy and Paul Vera.
Telle mère, telle fille is a French comedy film written and directed by Noémie Saglio.
The director is Jean-Yves Pouliquen. He succeeded Christian Saglio, who left the Institute on July 5, 2007.
I Kissed a Girl () is a 2015 French comedy film directed by Noémie Saglio and Maxime Govare.
Edmond Saglio (9 June 1828 in Paris – 7 December 1911) was a French archaeologist. He was son-in-law to journalist Édouard Charton (1807-1890).
She is the face of the interactive advertising campaign for the new version of the magazine "Glamour", directed by Noémie Saglio.
In the field of classical philology, he translated works by Galen and Hippocrates. With archaeologist Edmond Saglio (1828-1911), he was editor of "Dictionnaire des Antiquités Grecques et Romaines", later published in ten volumes between 1877 and 1919.
Connasse, Princesse des cœurs (also titled "The Parisian Bitch") is a 2015 French-Belgian comedy film written and directed by Éloïse Lang and Noémie Saglio, and starring Camille Cottin.
Bathurst was the son of Allen Bathurst, 6th Earl Bathurst and Meriel Leicester Warren. His maternal grandparents were George Warren, 2nd Baron de Tabley and his wife Catharina Barbara de Salis-Saglio. He was educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford.
A full bibliography of the subject will be found in the article in Daremberg and Saglio, "Dictionnaire des antiquités", to which may be added Rudolf von Jhering. "Die Gastfreundschaft im Altertum" (1887); see also Smith's "Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities" (3rd ed., 1890).
Named after J. Saglio, an important plant collector in France around 1840, Gymnocalycium saglionis is known to grow very slowly, and grow best in warm and part shady conditions, but tolerate extremely bright situations although they are likely to suffer from sun scorch or stunted growth if over exposed to direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day in summer.
At the same time, national and even international controversy threatened the industry from the beginning. Those who opposed tourism in Senegal described it as a new form of colonialism while supporters saw it as a panacea that would cure the country of underdevelopment. The idea of alternative tourism was discussed. Several towns in Basse Casamance, including Carabane, were selected to test an integrated agritourism managed by the villagers themselves. In the early 1970s, the agritourism promoter Christian Saglio, a young French sociologist who later became the director of the Leopold Sedar Senghor French Institute in Dakar, believed in Carabane's potential. He stated that he wanted to make the island the "Gorée of Casamance", using it as a hub for other camps. Saglio suggested the restoration of old buildings and canopy beds.
Martigny published a corrected edition of his dictionary in 1877. The publisher, Hachette, had intended the work to be part of the "Dictionnaire des antiquitiés grecques and romaines" of Charles Victor Daremberg and Edmond Saglio, but its importance made it an independent work. Martigny published also a French edition of the "Bulletino de archaeologia" of De Rossi. His writings include various articles in "Annales de l'Académie de Mâcon", 1851, ssq., etc.
In 2013, she portrays the main role in "La Connasse" on Canal+ produced by Silex Films, which are sketches in candid camera of less than two minutes. Written by Noémie Saglio and Éloïse Lang, the episodes are broadcast in "Le Grand Journal" and are available on DVD since 4 March 2014. She later appeared in the film based on these mini-series titled "Connasse, Princesse des cœurs", released in 2015. In 2016, she appeared in "Allied", "Iris", and "Cigarettes et chocolat chaud."
In September 2014, Robbie Lakeman overtook Chien for the highest score. Lakeman had practiced for two and a half years and was spurred by a bet that he could earn a score within the game's top twenty. He would often stream his attempts live on Twitch, a streaming service, though his initial world record game was performed offline. At the time, a higher record had been set by Dean Saglio, but on an emulated version of the game rather than a physical arcade cabinet. Lakeman later overtook his own record in December 2014 and again in June 2015.
Arbor Acres was originally a family farm, started by Italian immigrant Frank Saglio who purchased a Glastonbury, Connecticut farm in 1917. He started raising chickens in abandoned piano crates. His third son Henry Saglio took over the poultry while in grade eight. Henry began trying to breed a white bird, because black pinfeathers were difficult to pluck. In 1948, and again in 1951, Arbor Acres White Rocks won in the purebred category of the Chicken of Tomorrow competition. The white feathered Arbor Acres birds were preferred to the higher performing dark feathered Red Cornish crosses. In 1964, Nelson Rockefeller purchased Arbor Acres making it part of International Basic Economy Corporation (IBEC). Joint ventures were formed in Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, and Japan. In 1980, IBEC merged with Booker McConnell Limited of Great Britain. Booker owned all of "AA" by 1991. At this time Arbor Acres had grown to become the world's largest broiler breeding company, with customers in over 70 countries. AA was divested in 2000, eventually acquired by Avigen.
Hérouard stood out for his fairytale characters, and was also a pioneer in the comics format. He submitted work to La Semaine de Suzette before being approached by Charles Saglio, who had just purchased La Vie Parisienne, to become an illustrator for the magazine. At first he resisted, saying he didn't think he was skilled enough. Two years later, Hérouard's first illustration for La Vie Parisienne was published on 9 November 1907. The cover illustrations for the magazine were divided among several illustrators, with Hérouard contributing most frequently between 1916 through 1930. He continued his work with the magazine until 1952. He often created illustrations for books such as Dangerous Liaisons in 1945. For Pierrot, he drew 'Gil Blas de Santillane' (1949), 'Tambour Battant' (1950) and 'Le Capitaine Eclair' (1951). Under the pseudonym of Herric, he also created erotic and sadomasochistic illustrations for various books including the Kama Sutra. He died on 2 June 1961.
The Dictionnaire des Antiquités Grecques et Romaines d'après les textes et les monuments, contenant l'explication des termes qui se rapportent aux mœurs, aux institutions, à la religion, aux arts, aux sciences, au costume, au mobilier, à la guerre, à la marine, aux métiers, aux monnaies, poids et mesures, etc. etc., et en général à la vie publique et privée des anciens was a large illustrated French-language dictionary of Ancient Greece and Rome edited by Charles Victor Daremberg and Edmond Saglio and published in 10 volumes between 1873 and 1919 by the publisher Hachette Livre in Paris. Individual entries consisted of (sometimes book-length) articles by prominent classical scholars, François Lenormant among them. It aimed to compete directly with the "Altertumswissenschaft" of German universities, who were the uncontested masters in the field from 1810 onward. In an 1887 review of the first volume of the "Dictionnaire" for "The Classical Review", John E. B. Mayor praised the result, saying "No other nation as yet possesses anything approaching to it in beauty and completeness; it is absolutely necessary to every classical library and to every public library frequented by scholars or artists."