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Examples of "sailboat"
494.50 ft Hamilton Creek Sailboat Marina begins to flood by surpassing the primary walkway to the sailboat docks
This is a list of notable sailboat designers and manufacturers. Sailboat design and manufacturing is done by a number of companies and groups.
Johann Tanzer (1927-2016) was a Canadian sailboat designer, who founded the sailboat manufacturer that bore his name, Tanzer Industries, in 1966.
In sailboat racing, and especially in speed sailing, apparent wind is a vital factor, when determining the points of sail a sailboat can effectively travel in.
Los Angeles Times columnist Jack Smith owned a sailboat that he named "Calafia." The sailboat would occasionally be written about in his columns.
Bernard Smith (1910 – February 12, 2010) was an US rocket scientist and speed sailboat designer, father of the Aerohydrofoil sailboat concept.
Sailboat classes designed by Morgan-Giles include:
Catrigroup is a Latvian trimaran sailboat manufacturer.
Willam is a minor character in both "Clerks" (where he was portrayed by Scott Mosier) and "Mallrats" (portrayed by Ethan Suplee). Throughout the film he is seen trying to find a sailboat within an autostereogram. At the end of the film, he snaps after being unsuccessful in finding the sailboat. However, it is revealed in the conclusion that Willam eventually found the sailboat, although Willam himself seems surprised. In subsequent comic books, Willam makes cameo roles, still lamenting about the sailboat.
A simplified model for a spacecraft ZPM is a sailboat. A sailboat tacks against the wind to travel in a zig-zag manner without using its outboard motors thus not using any propellant. The sailboat takes advantage of the winds just like ZPM takes advantage of spacecraft environmental disturbances. The sailboat does not take the shortest path to travel from one location to the other. Similarly, a ZPM does not take the shortest angular path between two orientations. One can think of the sailboat rudder as the equivalent of the momentum storage actuators on a spacecraft.
Walter Greene is an American multihull sailboat designer and builder.
Below is a partial listing of sailboat races Leutwiler photographed.
Crossbow was an early 1970s proa (or asymmetrical catamaran) sailboat.
The Yamaha 29 was a sailboat manufactured by Yamaha.
J/111 is an sailboat class designed by Alan Johnstone.
licensed USCG captains) completed a transatlantic in their sailboat,
The IF-boat (previously International Folkboat) is a sailboat class.
Chris White is an American multihull sailboat designer.
Greg Ketterman is a United States multihull sailboat designer.
BB 10 is a sailboat class designed by Børge Børresen.