Synonyms for sakhakot or Related words with sakhakot

aktoprak              khanivali              kugalur              hussayniya              puspussen              carapur              zeribet              shevatcha              karjol              serejaka              chahlari              bayravand              chelimi              tarvinder              menasi              mangetar              bhataura              vettikkattiri              chaalicha              laalchee              belavinskoye              sreevaru              tarsod              kameshkirsky              parismosqueeol              cibinului              janabichar              gunavantudu              thirukannangudi              aniyathipraavu              amtoli              sarbanan              ellili              deldadeh              mahliana              edhaiyum              bangalori              gaydamaki              basarge              gobranawapara              nanasu              sondhangal              nalgundah              kiritapati              kharanaq              nuthanakalva              kadavergu              lehrasib              amhich              cattar             

Examples of "sakhakot"
Sohail was born and raised in Sakhakot Malakand Division in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He played tennis-ball cricket from a young age and bowled at a lively pace, something he says he owes to the muscle strength he built up from throwing stones and swimming in rivers and streams present in the mountainous environment. Realising his potential and on the advice of a friend, he moved to Karachi to play professional cricket.
Uthmankhel is the largest pashtun tribe living in malakand with about 65%. A part of Malakand is occupied by the yousufzai clan of pashtuns, while towards the south, at the bottom of Malakand Pass, live the Ranizais known as Sam Ranizai. Dargai and Sakhakot are well known town in Sama Ranizai. Those living beyond the pass towards Swat are Swat Ranizai. This is also evident in the administration division; where one is called the Swat Ranizai and the other as Sam Ranizai. There are also migrants from Ghazni, Afghanistan living in Shingray near Shergarh which are the Jalalzai tribe of the Pashtuns. District Malakand has boundaries, to east Palay with Mardan District, to south Shergarh with Mardan District, south east Bangla Harichand with Charsadda District, to west Prang Ghar with Mohmand Agency and Selay Pate with Bajaur Agency, north west Chakdara with Lower Dir District and Swat to north.