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tolis              rouvas              hatzigiannis              tsiolis              protopsalti              voskopoulos              eleftheria              lefteris              vasilis              mimis              evridiki              antonis              alkistis              parios              martakis              giorgos              mazonakis              tsitsanis              vandi              tamta              michalis              yiannis              despina              akis              arvanitaki              olympiou              kouinelis              stelios              kokkinou              savvopoulos              rakintzis              stamatis              dionisis              thanasis              savvidakis              theofanous              vaggelis              chrispa              makis              mihalis              alekos              manolis              karvelas              alexiou              kazantzidis              mitropanos              dionysis              lakis              remos              tsalikis             

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Sakis, or saki monkeys, are any of several New World monkeys of the genus Pithecia. They are closely related to the bearded sakis of genus "Chiropotes".
Frontman Sakis Tolis has the words tattooed on his stomach.
Petros Parashis - "Tora Arhizoun Ta Dyskola" (Sakis Rouvas)
Adamou has also cited Elena Paparizou and Sakis Rouvas as her influences with the latter one coming close to him during "The X Factor" where Sakis was the host. She has said [about Sakis] that she wasn't a big fan of him before the show, but she admired him when she met and got to know more about him and his personality.
All songs written by Sakis Tolis, except where noted.
Gia Sena (Greek: "Για Σένα"; English: "For You"; also known as "Gia Sena Sakis Rouvas") is the third studio album by Greek musician Sakis Rouvas, released in October 1993 in Greece and Cyprus by PolyGram Records Greece.
Homunculus patagonicus is an extinct species of New World monkey that lived in Argentina during the Miocene. It is likely the ancestral species for the subfamily Pitheciinae, whose living members include the sakis, bearded sakis, and the uakaris.
The album also includes a duet with fellow Greek pop star Sakis Rouvas.
This is a chronologically ordered list of films in which Sakis Rouvas has appeared.
Sakis Arseniou (; born 19 March 1984 in Thessaloniki) is a Greek singer and dancer.
This page features the complete videography of Greek artist Sakis Rouvas.
It was succeeded as Greek representative at the 2004 Contest by Sakis Rouvas with "Shake It".
It was succeeded as Greek representative at the 2004 Contest by Sakis Rouvas with "Shake It".
Sakis Rouvas performed with two dancers with his back-up vocals to the side. During the performance Sakis ripped off the white suits his dancers were wearing to reveal sparkling tassel attire. The dancers later ripped off Sakis' jacket. At the close of voting, it had received 252 points, placing 3rd in a field of 24. It was succeeded as Greek representative at the 2005 Contest by Elena Paparizou with "My Number One".
Note: The tracks "Yia Fantasou" and "Ego S'agapo" were previously released on his debut album "Sakis Rouvas.
"This Is Our Night" is a 2009 song by Sakis Rouvas, or the Greek version "Pio Dinata".
Sirusho and Sakis Rouvas announced that they were to record and release a duet song "See" in October 2013.
Sakis Rouvas is the first box set album, second compilation album and ninth album overall by Greek pop-rock singer-songwriter Sakis Rouvas. The box set comprises 4 CDs containing a near-complete collection of Rouvas' first works under the PolyGram Records record company. The collection is released by Greek music compilation issue label "Delta Club" and is entirely licensed by Universal Music Greece.
The Sakis Rouvas Collection is a ready-to-wear fashion brand headed by Greek entertainer Sakis Rouvas, launched exclusively to Greece's largest multinational department store franchise, Sprider Store, in 2010, and making Rouvas the first Greek artist to have his own fashion line.
Females give birth to a single young after a gestation period of between four and six months, depending on species. The uakaris and bearded sakis are polygamous, living in groups of 8-30 individuals. Each group has multiple males, which establish a dominance hierarchy amongst themselves. The titis and "Pithecia" sakis, by contrast, are monogamous and live in much smaller family groups.