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Examples of "salicifolia"
The epithet ""salicifolia"" means "willow-leaved" alluding to the resemblance between the leaves of "Q salicifolia" and those of several species of "Salix."
The larvae feed on "Agauria salicifolia" and "Agauria buxifolia".
Carlina salicifolia is a species of thistle found in Macaronesia.
The larvae feed on "Euphorbia esula" and "Euphorbia salicifolia".
Salicifolia, a Latin word meaning willow-leaved, may refer to:
"F. salicifolia", the Wonderboom, is sometimes deemed a third race of "Ficus cordata", i.e. "F. c." subsp. "salicifolia" , but it lacks the yellowish sessile figs of "F. cordata", and its range is much to the east.
Centaurea salicifolia is a species of Centaurea found in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Iberian Peninsula. .
The larvae feed on "Spiraea sericea", "Spiraea salicifolia", "Rosa davuricum" and "Vaccinium uliginosum".
The larvae feed on "Astilbe microphylla", "Spiraea betulifolia", "Spiraea media", "Spiraea salicifolia" and "Spiraea crenata".
The moth's host plants are "Hebe stricta" and "Hebe salicifolia", commonly called koromiko.
Ateleia salicifolia is a species of legume in the Fabaceae family.
Larvae feed on "Asteracantha longifolia", "Alternanthera philoxeroides", "Barleria", "Hygrophila lancea", and "Hygrophila salicifolia".
The larvae feed on "Salix repens", "Vaccinium uliginosum", "Spiraea salicifolia", "Andromeda polifolia" and "Vaccinium myrtillus".
Licania salicifolia is a species of plant in the Chrysobalanaceae family. It is endemic to Colombia.
The larvae feed on "Leonohebe odora", "Hebe salicifolia", "Hebe stricta" and "Hebe subalpina".
The alkaloid content is similar between the species in the genus. The following substances have been detected in "Heimia salicifolia":
Meryta salicifolia is a species of plant in the Araliaceae family. It is endemic to French Polynesia.
Atalaya salicifolia is a species of tree native to dry rainforests of tropical and subtropical Australia, New Guinea and Malesia.
Buddleja davidii 'Salicifolia' is a little-known British cultivar of undocumented origin, possibly derived from var. "nanhoensis"
The larvae feed on "Borreria", "Catalpa", "Manettia", and "Pentas" species, and "Spermacoce glabra", "Hamelia patens", "Hedyotis nigricans", "Heimia salicifolia", "Psychotria microdon", "Psychotria nervosa", and "Inga vera".