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parrocchiale              vallecchi              proposizioni              istituzione              paoline              esperienza              carteggio              intellettuale              antichi              chiamami              garzanti              opuscoli              pubblica              ottocento              imperfetta              ragionato              linguistici              interventi              pubblicati              custodi              luoghi              interessanti              dialetti              poemetti              architettonica              fisiche              tipografico              storiche              beltrano              letteraria              integrazione              registri              saggi              contemporanei              economiche              aspetti              raccolta              scavi              idealismo              testuale              documenti              architetto              questioni              rinascimento              tradotto              lettere              prospettiva              storica              artistica              ragionata             

Examples of "salvezza"
• Preghiera ecumenica per la salvezza dell’arte e della cultura, Archivio di Nuova Scrittura, 1993.
"Desiderio di moralità e urgenza della salvezza", in Segno, a. XXIV, n. 200, 1998, pp. 187–190.
The church was memorable for an episode during the failed revolt against Bourbon Rule on April 4 1860. A number of patriots and some monks were killed outside during an assault by Bavarian merceneries. Two Italian patriots hid themselves in its crypt among the tombs. They were able to tunnel out and escape to safety through a small perforation in the wall ("buca della salvezza") still marked on Via Allora. The Expedition of the Thousand by Garibaldi arrived a month later.
In the first Andold story ("Paperino e il piccolo Krack" from 1975), Donald dreams about Andold, in the second ("Le avventure di Mac Paperin: L'arrosto della salvezza" from 1980, published in the United States as "Donald Duck and his fierce ancestor... Andold Wild Duck"), Huey, Dewey and Louie are reading a book about his adventures. In later Andold stories, the modern-day Ducks do not appear. All Andold Wild Duck stories are illustrated by Marco Rota, most of them are also written by him.
Giannutri was known as "Dianium" by the Romans and "Artemisia", "Αρτεμησία" by the Greeks; it has a crescent moon shape which forms the Gulf of Spalmatoio and is placed at south east from the Isola del Giglio and from Porto Ercole. The island has a coastal perimeter of , is stretched approximately from "Punta del Capo Rosso" to "Punta Secca" (north-south) and from "Punta San Francesco" to "Punta della Salvezza" (west-east). The soil is calcareous and has a rocky and rugged coasts with inlets and caves mainly in the southern part interrupted only by two beaches called "Cala dello Spalmatoio" (on the north-east) and "Cala Maestra" (on the north-west) where are the dockings. The island landscape has three hills: "Poggio del Cannone" (83 m) and "Monte Mario" (78 m) in the northern part and "Poggio Capel Rosso" (93 m), the highest, in the southern where is the lighthouse.
Tognozzi made his Serie A debut on 15 October 2006 in a game against Roma which finished 1-0 to the Roman side. Tognozzi played a major role in the 2006/2007 season that saw Reggina avoid relegation to Serie B. This was a remarkable achievement considering the 11 penalty point penalty the club had incurred following the second wave of the Serie A match-fixing scandal. The following season Tognozzi started well but was injured on 21 October 2007 in the home game against Inter due to a reckless challenge by Patrick Vieira. He injured the third metatarsal of his right foot and was out for two months. When he returned to the team he soon returned to form and was again able to contribute to them avoiding relegation (the "salvezza").
On 28 April Mehthaaf was made the 2/1 favourite in a fifteen-runner field for the 1000 Guineas over Newmarket's Rowley Mile. She raced in second before taking the lead three furlongs out but was outpaced and overtaken in the closing stages to finish fourth behind Las Meninas, Balanchine and Coup de Genie. At the Curragh on 21 May Mehthaaf faced Las Meninas again on softer ground in the Irish 1000 Guineas and started 5/2 second favourite behind her rival. The best fancied of the other eight runners included Relatively Special (Rockfel Stakes and Morcote (C L Weld Park Stakes). The outsider Salvezza set the early pace with Carson positioning Mehthaaf just behind the leaders before switching left to make his challenge approaching the last quarter mile. Mahthaaf took the lead a furlong and a half out and held off the challenge of Las Meninas to win by one and a half lengths with Relatively Special and Morecote taking third and fourth.