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Examples of "samaniego"
Juan de Samaniego y Díez de Ulzurrun Xaca y Roncal was born in Estella, Navarra (Spain). He was son of Lorenzo de Samaniego y Jaca and Catalina Díez de Ulzurrun y Roncal. Eventually, Juan de Samaniego earned the title of nobleman after verify notability of his four grandparents (his paternal grandparents were Martín de Samaniego and Inés de Jaca, while his maternal grandparents were Martín Díez de Ulzurrun y Margarita Roncal). So, he joined the Order of San Juan de Jerusalén in 1637.
The famous harpist, Enrique Samaniego was born in Paso Yobai.
Notable choirmasters include the Baroque composer Joseph Ruiz Samaniego.
Adriano Samaniego Giménez (born 8 September 1963 in Luque, Paraguay) is a former football striker.
Félix María de Samaniego (October 12, 1745 – August 11, 1801), was a Spanish neoclassical fabulist.
Samaniego () is a town and municipality in the Nariño Department, Colombia.
However, during his New Mexico administration, Franciscans denounced Samaniego exposing 17 complaints against him.
She married secondly "don" Hermogenes García de Samaniego y del Castillo, Díez de Tejada y Centeno, in Madrid on October 29, 1873. Her second husband was Colonel of General Staff, Commander of the Order of Charles III (brother of the 1st Marqués de la Granja de Samaniego with a Coat of Arms of de Samaniego in Spain, previously a title of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, "don" Manuel García de Samaniego y del Castillo, Díez de Tejada y Centeno, Colonel of the Army, Knight of the Order of Santiago). This second marriage too was childless.
Juan de Samaniego y Jaca was replaced by Juan Manso de Contreras in 1656 in the New Mexico government.
They were Tomás de Iriarte (La Orotava, Tenerife, 1750 - Madrid, 1791) and Félix María Samaniego: (La Guardia, Álava, 1745–1801).
Diego González Samaniego (died 22 Dec 1611) was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Mondoñedo (1599-1611).
Later, Samaniego sent an expedition of exploration to the Nueces River, directed Diego de Guadalajara Bernardo de Quirós.
Edwin Enrique Aguilar Samaniego (born 7 August 1985) is a Panamanian professional footballer, who plays as a striker for Tauro.
During his administration in New Mexico, Samaniego had troubles with some Amerindian peoples, who attacked and kidnapping people of some places of New Mexico. So, in sometime, the Apaches attacked the Jumano village, kidnapping women and twenty local children. To rescue them, Samaniego sent an expedition led by Juan Domínguez de Mendoza to the Apache village. The expedition was successful and punished the Apache.
Novarro was born José Ramón Gil Samaniego on February 6, 1899 in Durango City, Durango, Mexico, to Dr. Mariano N. Samaniego, and his wife, Leonor (Gavilan). The family moved to Los Angeles, California, to escape the Mexican Revolution in 1913. Novarros's direct ancestors came from the Castilian town of Burgos from where two brothers emigrated to the New World in the seventeenth century.
After his success with Olimpia, Samaniego played for Colombian side Junior de Barranquilla between 1991 and 1994, where he won the 1993 national championship, before returning again to Olimpia in 1995. Adriano Samaniego ended his career in 1998 playing for Club Guaraní. He will always be remembered for his speed and his characteristic tremendous left foot shots.
This caused him to be threatened by Friar Antonio de Ibargary since Samaniego had punished Native Americans without consulting the priests.
In 1663, the Viceroy Francisco Fernández de la Cueva appointed Juan de Samaniego y Jaca as Governor of Santa Fe de Nuevo México.
Cesar Rivera Samaniego (born August 25, 1986 in Pomona, California) is an American soccer player currently playing for Orange County Blues FC in USL ro.
The opening and closing music for the Paraguay programmes was "La Llegada" ("The Arrival"), composed by Enrique Samaniego the famous Paso Yobai harpist.