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samraong              ruessei              preaek              chrey              kouk              trapeang              boeng              pongro              angk              andoung              stueng              kaev              thmei              khpos              sangkae              thnal              thlok              lvea              phnum              paoy              rumduol              krouch              veaeng              trabaek              chhuk              chrum              praek              kaoh              chambak              prampir              krasang              khvav              tuek              tbaeng              khsach              tnaot              beung              kaeut              sralau              knong              kbal              kandal              chrouy              damrei              traeng              damnak              tboung              sampov              phlov              slaeng             

Examples of "sambour"
Sambour is a district located in Kratié Province, in Cambodia.
Prasat Sambour is a district within Kampong Thom Province, in central Cambodia. According to the 1998 census of Cambodia, it had a population of 36,983.
The Thmon live in Memom village, Kaoh Nheaek District, Mondulkiri Province. They had moved to Memom village from Benam village, Kotol commune, Sambour District, Kratie Province in 1973 due to war (Barr & Pawley 2013:28).
From December 2012, Human and Hope Association began initiating new projects that focused on education, vocational training and community support. They began building their own community centre in May 2014, which was officially opened in October 2014 in Sambour Village, Siem Reap.
Flight 815 departed Ho Chi Minh City around 1 o'clock in the afternoon for the 45-minute flight to Phnom Penh. The aircraft was approaching the Phnom Penh airport from the east in heavy rain. According to acting airport director and investigating committee chief Sok Sambour, the plane was supposed to be flying at 14,000 feet (4,300 meters) when it began its approach, but was at 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) when it reached the range of Pochentong's Non-Directional Beacon.
During his term, he was constantly opposed by the Democrat led Assembly and faced popular criticism for his plans to open a casino. The criticism intensified when Minister of Education Meas Saem closed the Lycee Sisowath in response to the protests. Sambaur's government fell in September 1949. The Democratic Party again took the reigns with Ieu Koeus as Prime Minister. His administration lasted nine days until the King, tired of ministerial instability, took advantage of ambiguous wording in the Democratic Party drafted constitution and stepped in. Asserting his newly claimed powers, the King dissolved the National Assembly, postponed elections and formed a new government without an Assembly and named Sambour Prime Minister again. As an ally of Sihanouk, he continued to support efforts by Shihanouk to gain concessions from the French and move towards independence. Sambaur resigned in April 1950 and Sihanouk himself became Prime Minister.