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Examples of "sammich"
When a project needs less I/O than the ones available on a given MBHP, the MIDIBox concept allows to create a simplified PCB dedicated to this project. This is the approach used on Sammich MIDIBox SID and Sammich MIDIBox FM. These two kits contain the original MBHP design, but with a simplified PCB, dedicated to the connection with a SID chip or a YMF262 chip.
The band had 3 releases, "New Music Solution" in 1988 on Rivet/Sammich Records (DC), as well as "Weathered" in 1992 & "Healer" in 1994 on Blackout Records from New York City.
Before settlers established a town, four Indian tribes lived on Morrisonville’s land, the Sac, Fox, Pottawatomie, The Sammich, and Kickapoo. They competed with each other for buffalo, elk, and deer. Morrisonville was also part of the Black Hawk hunting ground.
The first Morrisonville picnic was held on August 27, 1923, and it included a parade beginning on Sarpy Street, and marching to the City Park, speakers, a $1.00 prize for the tallest and shortest man, a fat man race (first prize was a sammich), and free movies shown. Many people attended the event, as they still do today. It also includes the world's largest bull frog jumping contest.
The bologna sandwich, fried or unfried, has been elevated to a regional specialty in the Midwest, Appalachia, and the South. It is the sandwich served at lunch counters of small family run markets that surround the Great Smoky Mountains, and fried bologna sandwiches can be found on restaurant menus in many places in the South. The fried version is likewise sometimes sold at concession stands in stadiums, like those of the Cincinnati Reds. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it is called a "jumbo sammich". In East Tennessee, the sandwich is referred to in local slang as a "Lonsdale Ham" sandwich, after the less-affluent neighborhood of Lonsdale, in Knoxville, TN.
Less Deep Inside Keeps is the first full-length studio album recorded by Soulside as a Sammich/Dischord (sr02/DIS22½) joint release. It was recorded at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, Va. by Don Zientara and produced by Ian MacKaye in 1987. Originally released on vinyl, it was rereleased by Dischord Records (sr02CD) in 2003 on cd. Actually untitled, the artwork on either side of the spine is often used to identify it. Full spine title "Becoming Less Less Deep To Be Inside Nothing Keeps." The original release featured a grey cover. Repressings included green, blue and yellow. The artwork was created by Cynthia Connolly, illustrations by Chris Thomson and cover photo by Scott McCloud. It is the only Soulside release to feature Chris Thomson on bass.
The band released its first 7", "Down", at the end of 1987 and its self-titled LP was released by Sammich Records in 1988. Swiz recorded its next album, "Hell Yes, I Cheated", in 1989. The record also included a track by Fury, a side project that consisted of Farrell, Daniels, Brown (on bass), and Chris Thomson (formerly of Ignition, later of Circus Lupus), on vocals. By the time "Hell Yes, I Cheated" was released in 1990, Larson had left the band and was replaced by Dave Stern. This line-up recorded an EP in May 1990 but broke up shortly afterwards. The EP, titled "With Dave", was released posthumously in 1992 by Jade Tree Records. In 1993, Jade Tree also released "No Punches Pulled", which contained the band's entire discography. Also that year, THD Records released a 7" called "Rejects", which contained unused tracks from the "Down" sessions.
On SNL, he was included in a sketch featuring other old Yiddish Vaudevillian characters portrayed by other cast members including Billy Crystal, Rich Hall and Christopher Guest, and guest host Eddie Murphy playing his Gumby character, whom he played as an old Yiddish vaudeville actor. The sketch took place in a deli off Broadway, and featured a joke in which everyone tried to remember the ingredients of a Morey Amsterdam sandwich. Cohen used his trademark "Give me a 'C', a bouncy, 'C' " and listed ingredients, followed by, "Da-da-da-da-dee, da-da-da-da-dah, ah, whatever da hell else ya wanna put in da sammich". The sketch ended when a waiter refused to serve Gumby, who had done a dine-and-dash years before.
WNYC's John Schaefer has described Farris as an "arranger extraordinaire". He is credited for wide variety of pop and rock orchestrations and arrangements, such as the strings for Five for Fighting's chart topping ballad "Superman (It's Not Easy)" and the single "Great Round Burn" on KaKi King's album "Glow". The ensemble ETHEL is typically described as being part of New York City's Downtown Music scene because of their close association with composers from the Bang on a Can collective and with the experimental art spaces The Kitchen and Tonic where they got their start. Farris has a fairly omnivorous musical style, which is sometimes labeled Totalism or Polystylism for its rock and pop influences. His compositions include "Three Solstice Songs" based on works by the late poet Harry Smith, for string quartet and SATB choir. The first of these, "Solstice People", was featured in the 2007 "In the House of ETHEL: Solstice" concert at the World Financial Center's Winter Garden. "Factions", for string quartet was premiered at BAM's 2013 "Next Wave Festival" with accompanying video projection. In 2014 he composed incidental music for the Aquila Theatre's "A Female Philoctetes" which premiered at the BAM's Fisher's Hillman Studio and served as Musical Director and Composer for their touring production of "The Tempest". "Sammich", for string quartet and 2 guitars, was featured in the 2015 "Ecstatic Music Festival".