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nadhi              rahasyam              tharum              kodalu              nattu              kudumba              varavu              makkalu              hennu              nagaram              hrudaya              nayakudu              veedhi              varam              gaali              mangalya              thampuratti              kaattu              karunai              bahaddur              eradu              thayi              poocha              vachina              devaru              nanma              raktha              iniyum              sukham              thedi              sonnal              ponnu              puthu              thumbolarcha              theerpu              ranadheera              bhagyada              sambhavam              naanu              anandha              aananda              thilakam              manathe              patham              bagavathi              kizhakku              pakshi              yudham              swapnangal              singari             

Examples of "samudram"
Mahha Samudram is a 2006 Malayalam film directed by S. Janardanan and starring Mohanlal.
Chennarayunipalle is a village in Anantapur district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located in Bukkaraya Samudram mandal
In August, 2015, an autobiographical TV series Samudram was announced. This will note Jagapati Babu's television debut with his own biography.
Khilla Ghanpur or Ghanpur, Mahbubnagar district was ruled by Recharla, Malyala and Gona dynasties in 13th century.Recharla, Gona and Malyala Dynasty Kings were the Feudatores of Kakatiya Kings. Khilla Ghanpur has a fort and a lake (known as Ganapa Samudram) built during Kakatiya dynasty rule. The lake, Ganapa Samudram, was constructed by the King Malyala Gunda Dandadeeshudu (also known as Malyala Gundanna) during Rudrama Devi’s rule. Malyala Gunda Dandadeeshudu married Gona Budda Reddy’s daughter.
Samudram is a 1977 Indian Malayalam film, directed K Sukumaran Nair. The film stars Prem Nazir, Sheela, Jayabharathi and Adoor Bhasi in lead roles. The film had musical score by G. Devarajan.
Mansoru Maha Samudram is a 1983 Indian Malayalam film, directed by PK Joseph. The film stars Mammootty, Ratheesh, Aruna and K. P. Ummer in lead roles. The film had musical score by M. K. Arjunan.
Chennarayunipalle is located at 14°42'36.1" N 77°40'42.5" E , 7 km from Bukkaraya Samudram and 10.6 km from District headquarters Anantapur.Neelampalli is the gram panchayat of Chennarayunipalle village
One of the trusts projects with Samudram and Oxfam gained a UN Equator Award for poverty reductions and the beautician project was given a Save The Children Phoenix Award for Innovation. The H&S Davidson Trust estimates that to date it has transformed the lives of 60,000 people through higher income (and greater empowerment).
He also played the lead role in the Hindi comedy film "Main Tere Pyar Mein Pagal" in 1999. His powerful antagonism in "Samudram" won him the Nandi award as the Best Villain. After 2000, he started playing more mature roles in movies like "Manmadhudu" (2002), "Okariki Okaru" (2003), "Samba" (2004), "Malliswari", "Godavari" (2006), and "Happy" (2006).
The village tank, Rasamudram, built during the Kakatiya Samudram, also finds a mention in the inscription because the inscription was installed very close to the village tank by a soldier of Rudrama Devi’s army Puvvula Mummadi, who is believed to be a native of Chandupatla.
The plot is set up in the late 16th Century revolves around two friends - Puttan Sethupathi and Veerabhupathi. Sethupathi hailing from a royal family falls in love with Meenakshi, an ordinary girl, while Veerabhupathi loves Ekaveera, a young lady from the royal clan in Amba Samudram. However, due to the societal restrictions the dreams of both the couples meet a dead end.
Thimmasamudram is rich in agriculture that is famous for mangoes and paddy. This village is located on the bank of cheyyeru river. This village is 2 km distant from T.Sundupalli. There is a bridge between these two villages on the river. Most of the people in this village are Muslims and Hindus. The agriculture area of the village is so fertile that it yields three crops per year. At the entrance of the village there is a big banyan tree and around the tree there are some temples. That tells us that this village is an ancient one. Once upon a time this village was full of trees and with monkeys in the thousands. By the name of monkeys the name of the village is derived as Thimma samudram ("thimma" means "monkey" and "samudram" means "more quantity"). As the village has good water sources, this village appears with beautiful natural scenery.
A former child artist, Raasi rose to fame with Subhakanshalu. She played a negative character in Nijam as Gopi Chand's lover which is directed by Teja. She was labelled 'traditional' after Gokulamlo Seetha. Later hits like Snehithulu, Pandagah, Devulu and Gillikajjalu proved her mettle as an actress. When Raasi's career started taking a nosedive, she took to doing item numbers in Telugu films like Samudram.
Pinnangudi was inhabited by many Sanskrit scholars who have contributed many works some of which are available in Saraswati mahal Library in Thanjavur. This was one of the two villages in which Vijaya Raghunatha Thondaiman (1730-69 AD) the King of Pudukkotai, as advised by Saint Sadashiva Brahmedra, granted rent free lands to his Palace Guru Mahabashyam Gopalakrishna Sastrigal. It was then also known as Muktambal Samudram.
Like Pothuluru Veerabrahmendra, she also authored kalagnanam, preaching Veerabrahmendra kalagnanam and advaitha siddantham. The kalagnanam written by Eshwaramma varu can be seen in the villages Kongala ramapuram and Kona samudram, and are receiving the daily poojas in the temples. The chief disciples of Eshwari devi ammavaru were Chatukonda Chengayya Shetty and Yogi Subbayyacharya, and travelled all over India with Ammavaru. She did some miracles like made Shapa vimochanam for the brahma Rakshasi at Badvel village, Lightning of lamps with water at Vinukonda Village.
Shiva ordered the sage Vyaghrapada to perform penance at Srirangam requesting the god Vishnu to give him place in his abode Vaikunta. Vyaghrapada was joined by sage Patanjali in his journey. Because of his poor eyesight, the sages instead went southward, lost their way and reached Krupa Samudram, modern day Tirusirupuliyur. They prayed to Vishnu to come to Srirangam to grant them "moksha"(divine attainment).
Ravi Teja followed up with roles in the films "Seetha Rama Raju", "Padutha Teeyaga", "Manasichhi Choodu" and Krishna Reddy's "Premaku Velayara". In 1999, he was cast in a leading role by Srinu Vaitla for "Nee Kosam". The film won the Silver Nandi for Best Film. Ravi Teja won the Nandi Award for Best Actor Special Jury for his performance . Following this, he started appearing in more significant roles such as Krishna Vamsi's "Samudram", Chiranjeevi's "Annayya" and "Budget Padmanabham". He also appeared in lead roles in multi-starrer films such as "Kshemanga Velli Labanga Randi", "Tirumala Tirupathi Venkatesa", "Sakuntumba Sapari Vare Sametham" and "Ammayi Kosam".
Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project proposes linking the Palk Bay and the Gulf of Mannar between India and Sri Lanka by creating a shipping canal through the shallow sea sometimes called Setu Samudram, and through the chain of islands variously known as Ram Sethu or the Rama's Bridge. A few organisations are opposing the dredging of Ramasethu on religious, environmental and economical grounds. Many of these parties and organisations support implementation of this project using one of the five alternative alignments considered earlier without damaging the structure considered sacred by Hindus. With of dredging remaining, the project is held from March 2010 by a Supreme Court order seeking the Central Government to clarify the status of the bridge as a national monument.
The project was possibly conceived in 1860 by Commander A. D. Taylor of the Indian Marines, and has been reviewed many times without a decision being made. It has been part of the election manifestos of all political parties during elections. The Government of India appointed the Sethu Samudram Project Committee in 1955headed by Dr. A. Ramasamy Mudaliarwhich was charged with examining the desirability of the project. After evaluating the costs and benefits, this committee found the project feasible and viable. However it strongly recommended an overland passage instead of a channel cutting through Rama's Bridge. A land passage would have several advantages, such as avoiding shifting sandbanks and navigational hazards. Several reviews of the proposals followed until the United Progressive Alliance Government of India headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced the inauguration of the project on 2 July 2005.