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woong              kyeong              beom              geun              jung_soo              cheol              sung_hoon              ryul              kang_tae              ji_hoon              jung_hwa              jung_hee              jung_hwan              seo_hyun              deok              kim_myung              gyu              jung_hoon              jung_tae              wook              chul_min              jae_seok              yeo_jin              ji_hyun              hyun_soo              jung_hyun              sang_chul              seop              taek              eun_hye              jung_hae              ji_woo              lee_seung              hee_jung              hyeon              jung_woo              byeong              seok_hyun              ji_seok              baek              jung_yoon              yeol              kyung_min              joo_hyun              choi_eun              ji_yeon              cheol_min              soo_kyung              shik              yong_soo             

Examples of "sang_hoon"
Han Sang-hoon (born 27 October 1984) is a male badminton player from South Korea.
Jeon Sang-hoon was selected by Daejeon Citizen in 2011 K League draft.
Maeng Sang-hoon (born October 29, 1960) is a South Korean actor.
Park Sang-hoon ( or ; born 13 March 1993) is a South Korean cyclist riding for the Seoul Cycling Team.
Kim Sang-hoon (born June 8, 1973) is a football coach and former player from South Korea.
Young-jae is recruited by his friend, a junior colleague of Sang-hoon's, to work as a debt collector for Man-shik. On his first day, he accompanies Sang-hoon and his friend on their rounds. He is hesitant and Sang-hoon berates him.
In 2003 after the disbandment of Brown Eyes, Naul formed a separate group Brown-eyed Soul with three other members Jung Yeop, Young Jun, and Sang Hoon.
Lee Sang-hun or Lee Sang-hoon () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Lee and the given name Sang-hun, and may also refer to:
Athletes from South Korea (Yoo Sang-hoon), Kazakhstan (Birzhan Abdolla), Chinese Taipei (Chou Ting-yuan) and Laos (Sommay Xayavong) shared the fifth place.
KSPO Bianchi Asia Pro Cycling ("UCI Team Code:" KSP) is a Korean UCI Continental cycling team managed by Oh Sang-Hoon and sponsored by Korea Sports Promotion Foundation.
Jung Sang-hoon (born September 9, 1978) is a South Korean actor. He is known for a cast member on the TV show "Saturday Night Live Korea".
Jeon Sang-hoon (; born 10 September 1989) is a South Korean footballer who plays as full-back for Gyeongnam FC in K League Challenge.
One day, as Sang-hoon visits his father – recently released from prison for stabbing Sang-hoon's sister with a knife – his father has already cut his own wrists. It is then that he realizes how much he still loves his father. That same day, Yeon-hee's father is even more paranoid and threatens her with a knife. Sang-hoon and Yeon-hee meet up for a drink and both weep, overcome with emotion.
On his last day as a debt collector, he is doing the rounds with Young-jae. Young-jae beats a debtor against Sang-hoon's wishes, and the debtor responds by hitting Sang-hoon with a hammer. As Sang-hoon walks away with Young-jae, blood starts to flow out of his nose. He asks Young-jae for a handkerchief, but Young-jae attacks him with a hammer, and leaves him dying by the road.
Hwang Sang-hoon (황상훈) was once a member for the Korean hip hop group, Honey Family, but left to join SM Entertainment. He has trained popular trot singer Sul Woon Do's son, Lee Seung Hyun, who has debuted in 2010 as LeeU of boy band F.Cuz under Can&J Entertainment. Sang Hoon remains with SM Entertainment as a choreographer, often seen in videos and pictures with current SM artists.
Sang-hoon has a nephew, Hyung-in, whom he adores. His sister cares about the nephew also, even inviting him to dinner. Sang-hoon and her are on less than friendly terms and he avoids her. It is revealed that when he was a kid, his abusive father once had a quarrel with his mother and stabbed his sister by accident. His mother was then hit by a car. It is implied that his father has remarried.
Jung Sang-Hoon (Hangul: 정상훈; born 22 March 1985) is a South Korean football player. He has played for K-League side Gyeongnam FC during 1 season and Busan Kyotong in the Korean second division.
A Chinese remake titled "The Witness" starring Yang Mi and Luhan and also directed by Ahn Sang-hoon, finished filming in 2015. It was released in China on October 30.
Less than a year after "Descendants," director Baek Sang-hoon, cinematographer Kim Si-hyeong and music director Gaemi, real name Kang Dong-yoon, once again collaborated for another hit KBS drama, "Love in the Moonlight" (2016).
This drama marks the directing debut of the director Park Sang-hoon and his second work after directing the movie "A Mere Life". The screenwriter Park Eun-young is known for his drama "".