Synonyms for sankarit or Related words with sankarit

morsian              enkeli              seikkailu              rakkauden              klassikko              lauluja              napapiirin              ihmisen              miehen              arvoitus              viimeinen              takaisin              noita              maailman              rakkaudesta              levoton              runoja              valssi              pieni              tuntematon              egotrippi              kaikkien              kulkurin              kyyneleet              laulua              ruusu              suomessa              prinsessa              myrskyn              lautturi              taivaan              kadonneet              parhaat              palaa              niskavuoren              varjo              laulut              valtakunta              nainen              leikit              joulun              kolmas              chlapci              seikkailut              salainen              paluu              viikko              kotikatu              paratiisin              uutta             

Examples of "sankarit"
In 2003, she appeared in "Aarresaaren sankarit" on Finnish television on MTV3.
The MTV3 mini film Aarresaaren sankarit was filmed there in 2003.
"Special Prize of the International Federation of Film Societies" - "Lapland Odyssey" / ""Napapiirin sankarit"",(Dir. Dome Karukoski, , , );
Mervi Pohjanheimo (born June 10, 1945 in Mäntyharju, Finland) is a Finnish and television director and producer. She has directed for Finnish television since the late 1970s. In 2003, she directed Aarresaaren sankarit on Finnish television on MTV3.
Age of the Tempest (Finnish: Myrskyn sankarit; formerly titled Heroes of the Storm in English) is a role-playing game, designed by Mike Pohjola and published by the board game company Tactic. The first part, "Heroes of the Storm – Sword of the Great King" was published in 2013 and retitled into "Age of the Tempest – Sword of the High King" in May 2014. "Age of the Tempest – Sword of the High King" (translated by Ville-Eemeli Miettinen) is about forest-dwelling rebels, who fight against the troops of the evil dictator.
Karukoski's fourth film was "Lapland Odyssey". It's a comedy about three unemployed men setting out to find a digital TV terminal in Lapland. The road trip comedy premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and became the number one box-office film of the year 2010 in Finland beating such titles as "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1", "Sex and the City 2" and "Alice in Wonderland". In France the film was distributed widely in cinemas with the title "Very Cold Trip". In the German and Austrian cinemas the title was "Helden des Polarkreises" which is a direct translation from the films Finnish title "Napapiirin sankarit". In English the original title translates to "the Heroes of the Arctic Circle".