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hypothyroid              hypermetabolic              prediabetic              hypercatabolic              hyperthyroid              osteopenic              andropause              cachectic              dysglycemia              hypoestrogenic              hypercoagulable              hypoleptinemic              euthyroid              hypogonadal              hyperglycaemic              lipidemia              hyperlipidemic              overweightness              cachexic              hyperandrogenic              hyperabsorptive              ketosis              nonfasted              overnutrition              normoinsulinemic              hyperglycaemia              hyperadrenergic              hypoinsulinemia              anaemic              anhedonic              triglyceridemia              hypocoagulable              levelvia              glycaemia              hypoglutamatergic              hyperphagic              adipositas              precoagulant              comatose              hyperphagia              normoglycemic              confusional              undernutrition              hyperphasia              hypocholesterolemia              yearsunited              euhydrated              ketogenic              hypometabolic              prediabetes             

Examples of "sarcopenic"
Sarcopenic obesity is a medical condition which is defined as the presence of both sarcopenia and obesity. Sarcopenia refers to the presence of low muscle mass and either low muscular strength or low physical performance. When this is accompanied by a high fat mass the condition is known as sarcopenic obesity.
The outdated BMI formula developed by Quetelet, is not an accurate measurement of adiposity but represents an imprecise mathematical estimate. Use of BMI is more simple for its convenience, safety, and minimal cost, but it does not take into account several important factors affecting adiposity. Since BMI does not measure body fat directly and not distinguishes fat from lean or bone mass, its use could be inaccurate. At the same BMI level either individuals with a large proportion of total body fat mass (TBFat)or subjects with a considerable muscle mass (weight-lifter) can be classified as "obese". Greater loss of muscle mass leading to sarcopenic obesity in women occurs increasingly with age. Moreover, men’s BMI does not consider the inverse relationship between muscular strength and mortality. These are the reasons why it is useful to re-evaluate how body fat is determined.