Synonyms for sareptana or Related words with sareptana

rungsi              marginellus              mniszechi              fallaciosa              sulcicollis              metallescens              fairmairei              albofascialis              convexicollis              mavromoustakis              dentipennis              filicornis              boettcheri              endroedyi              goryi              collarti              impressicollis              calophaena              violaceipennis              rogenhoferi              ganglbaueri              griseipennis              kuntzeni              thisanotia              seydeli              zajciw              atralata              lunalis              paludella              schawalleri              schistostege              nubifera              rufipalpis              opaculus              ornatalis              rufithorax              wiltshirei              camerunica              morawitz              dorsiger              quedenfeldt              pterolonche              gilvipes              hoscheck              melibaeopsis              nigritarsis              serraticornis              nigrosignata              olsoufieffi              sphaerostylus             

Examples of "sareptana"
Bembecia sareptana is a moth of the Sesiidae family. It is found in Russia (it was described from Sarepta).
Phytoecia sareptana is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Ganglbauer in 1888.
Xestia sareptana is a moth of the Noctuidae family. It is known from few localities in the European part of south-eastern Russia, Turkey, the Caucasus region, western Iran, Lebanon and Israel.
Cassida sareptana is a species of brownish beetle in the leaf beetle family, that can be found in Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and Ukraine. They can be found in Near East as well. The species feeds on plants from the Asteraceae family, including tarragon and "Artemisia arenaria".
As a transition between steppes and deserts of Central Asia, this ecoregion supports flora found in both biomes. Grasses, more dominant in the north, include various "Stipa" species ("S. lessingiana, S. sareptana, S. kirghisorum" and the endemic "S. richterana") and tipchak ("Festuca valesiaca"). To the south, shrubs come to dominate, mainly "Artemisia" species ("A. lerchena and A. lessingiana, A. gracilescens, A. sublessingiana, A. terrae albae semiarida and A. sublessingiana"). Vegetation on the saline plains consists of "Artemisia pauciflora, A. schrenkiana, A. nitrosa, Atriplex cana, Anabasis salsa", and "Camphorosma monspeliaca".