Synonyms for sarnino or Related words with sarnino

velikovo              snyagovo              uzovo              listets              podosoje              tsibar              pisarovo              olssonjohan              stubal              lyulyakovo              rvati              dupljane              poshtove              kikineiz              kuklov              ragelsdorf              brajkovac              petkana              ponyzivka              preselentsi              bkeftine              foteino              tarush              megaplatanos              mugano              schweix              cungrea              jaunciems              vahagni              bonnensis              rabenholz              loutros              hrabrovo              tristeno              kodralija              tonciu              radevo              skobalj              diasellaki              paralovo              dovla              nyagisozi              geroplatanos              orlja              zuberbach              issenhausen              dravce              dorotowo              velimachi              satnica             

Examples of "sarnino"
Sarnino may refer to the following places in Bulgaria:
Sarnino is a village in General Toshevo Municipality, Dobrich Province, in northeastern Bulgaria.
The only office building is located in the village center. Here are housed the town hall and general store. Earlier there was a pub, called "Horemag", bakery and barber shop are closed a long time ago. Sirakovo residents are about a hundred. About 50 houses are in Sirakovo, 10 of them are inhabited. As in neighboring villages Velikovo and Sarnino where purchased English estate, foreigners started to show interest in Sirakovo. As a feature could be added to the poor condition of road network, which is the main reason for the exodus of young people and the lack of foreigners. In recent years settled in the village and the Roma families, who came with their numerous children to seek work as a shepherds, cowmen. But due to lack of work in the village, their number has decreased dramatically at the beginning of 2010. From 2009 in the village has purchased properties from 2 English and a German family. In May 2009 it was refurbished road from Preselentsi to Spasovo which locals regarded as an incredible event.