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SATENA flies to the following destinations (at May 2010):
Satena: Some years ago, this was one of the principal airlines but since 2011 they started to cease their flights, and currently there are no flights to El Alcaraván with Satena.
As of December 2015, the SATENA fleet consists of the following aircraft with an average age of 11.6 years:
Antonio Narino Airport is 35 km from the city, in the nearby town of Chachagüí, it provides domestic air connections offered by Colombian airlines Avianca and Satena.
SATENA was first established on April 12, 1962 by the President of the Republic, Alberto Lleras Camargo, who created the airline using Decree 940 in order
In 2002, SATENA incorporated into its fleet one Embraer ERJ 145 with capacity for 50 passengers which arrived to replace the departing Fokker F28, which was reaching its maximum airframe hours.
In 1965, SATENA, in coordination with the Bank of Bogotá, began a new service named "AeroBanco", which was created to facilitate air travel to other areas largely or completely inaccessible by road.
SATENA (acronym of "Servicio Aéreo a Territorios Nacionales") is a Colombian government owned airline based in Bogotá, Colombia. It operates domestic routes. Its main hub is El Dorado International Airport.
In 1972, SATENA acquired newer British-Built AVRO HS-748 turboprop aircraft capable of carrying 48 passengers. Between 1984 and 1985, the airline incorporated two Fokker F28 jet aircraft with the capacity to transport 65 passengers.
In 2004, SATENA became the airline with the newest and most modern aerial fleet in Colombia, when it incorporated two new Embraer ERJ 145 aircraft, allowing it to perform faster and more efficient services to its mostly isolated destinations.
The local El Embrujo Airport is served by various daily flights from Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport in San Andrés. Scheduled flights are operated by Satena, and charter flights by Decameron/Searca.
Due to great success in the areas served by the airline, President Carlos Lleras Restrepo put into effect Law 80 of December 12, 1968 where it was decreed that SATENA would be treated as a public establishment, with all legal functions controlled by the Ministry of National Defence.
The Baracoa Regional Airport used to be a hub for airline operations such as Avianca, LANZA and Satena. However, on January 4, 1969, the airport ceased its commercial passenger flight operations and closed its flight schools, following a decision to focus on traffic from smaller aircraft.
It is now carried out between 70 and 80 daily flights scheduled airlines in five domestic destinations: ADA, Avianca, Copa Airlines Colombia, EasyFly, Aires and Satena. A few months ago began international flights Palonegro joining with the city of Panama by AeroRepublica. This position Palonegro eighth in passenger traffic in the country.
The passenger airlines that currently operate flights from and to the city of Yopal are LATAM Airlines Colombia, Avianca and EasyFly, and there were others like Satena that ceased operations in this route. Due to the good economy of the department of Casanare, based on petroleum, there has been an increase in the number of people using the airport; for that reason, it is being remodeled and new routes are being studied by airlines.
The airport still retains its classification International Airport even though it only operates domestic and regional flights. The runway is 2,508 m long and is at an altitude of 1,506 MSL. Currently there are restrictions on the type of aircraft operating from the airport due to its classification as regional airport: commercial flights can operate on aircraft of up to 50 passengers, with the exception of Satena that operates Embraer 170 aircraft carrying up to 76 passengers.
Gustavo Artunduaga Paredes Airport () is a public, domestic Colombian air terminal run by the Civil Aeronautics. It is located southeast of the city of Florencia, the capital of the Caquetá Department of Colombia. It is the most important airport in Caquetá, with scheduled commercial cargo and passenger operations carried out through airlines such as Avianca and the state-owned Satena, as well as military, police and general aviation flights.
Since its creation, the airline has performed many public services on behalf of the Colombian people, having provided service during crises in the country's history, as was the case of the Huila and Cauca earthquake of June 6, 1994, when SATENA performed search and rescue operations, airlifted local residents, as well as transporting needed medicines, foods and aid in general to the site of the tragedy.
The last Dornier 328 is to be phased out by November 14, 2013 with Beech 1900 aircraft replacing them while the passenger demand dies out. Satena also has Let L-410 Turbolet planes, operated by Searca mostly between San Andrés and Providencia and one of the Y-12 is to be implemented into the route. One other Y-12 is to operate between Neiva and Florencia and the other to be based at Medellin's Olaya Herrera Airport.
In August 2006 a total of 92 Fokker F28 aircraft remained in airline service. Major operators included: MacRobertson Miller Airlines, Ansett Group Australia (more than 15), Toumaï Air Tchad (1), AirQuarius Aviation (3), SkyLink Arabia (1), Satena (1), Gatari Air Service (2), LADE (1), AirQuarius Aviation (4) and Merpati Nusantara Airlines (1). Biman Bangladesh Airlines (2). Some 22 airlines operated smaller numbers of the type.