Synonyms for saulcyi or Related words with saulcyi

kiesenwetter              bourguignat              sublaevis              simroth              moricand              decorsei              convexicollis              imitatrix              dohrni              klapperichi              recluz              praeusta              apfelbeck              annulipes              handlirsch              plicatula              unifasciata              elongatulus              marginellus              aubei              quedenfeldt              faldermann              dentifera              clavatula              alluaudi              distorta              desbrochers              radoszkowski              pareuthria              leucozona              inconspicuus              xantheremia              fairmairei              subfasciata              grateloup              metallescens              carinulatus              nitidicollis              camerunica              draparnaud              coxalis              praestans              jeanneli              subaeneus              nartshuk              lesnei              erichsoni              gracilicornis              duftschmid              schaefferi             

Examples of "saulcyi"
Dorcadion saulcyi is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Thomson in 1865. It is known from Turkey. It contains the varietas "Dorcadion saulcyi var. fenestratum".
Hemicycla saulcyi is a species of gastropod in the Helicidae family. It is endemic to Spain.
Megachile saulcyi is a species of bee in the family Megachilidae. It was described by Guérin-Méneville in 1845.
Macrocheilus saulcyi is a species of ground beetle in the subfamily Anthiinae. It was described by Chevrolat in 1854.
Carabus saulcyi is a species of black coloured beetle from Carabidae family, that can be found in Lebanon and Syria.
Four subspecies of "C. dorsalis" are known. "C. d. media" is found along the southeast coast of the United States, including South Carolina. "C. d. dorsalis" is found along the northeast coast. "C. d. saulcyi" and "C. d. venusta" occur along the coasts of Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and Mexico. In general, "C. dorsalis" is most abundant on broad, fine-sand beaches that are highly exposed to tidal action and relatively undisturbed by humans. In order for the beetles to breed, beaches need to be at least long and wide, 5-8 being the optimal width. The eastern beach tiger beetle prefers a climate with average temperatures exceeding 15 °C and moderate to arid rainfall totals.