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kozue              shiori              chiaki              ayano              yukari              asami              harumi              takako              shizuka              kumiko              eriko              yukie              mayumi              etsuko              momoko              haruko              saeko              yasuko              sumire              sachiko              yuzuki              natsumi              natsuki              ryoko              miyuki              saori              chihiro              minako              kyoko              natsuko              yukiko              sayaka              kaori              atsuko              chiharu              yuriko              manami              akane              mariko              kanako              kaoru              koharu              mikako              kouhei              mayuko              shinobu              mitsuko              megumi              hiromi              yukino             

Examples of "sayuri"
03 Passer (Border Collie), trainer Sayuri Norose, Japan
Sayuri Sugimoto (born ) is a Japanese group rhythmic gymnast.
The Baron invites Sayuri to his estate for a sakura-viewing party, which Mameha is reluctant to let Sayuri attend but lets her go anyway. When the Baron presents a kimono to Sayuri in private at the party, he undresses her against her will in order to "take a look", but does not go any further.
Sayuri's successful career is cut short by the outbreak of World War II. Sayuri and Mameha are separated, with Sayuri going to the hills to work for a kimono maker, an old friend of Nobu's, and Mameha going to a physician, the Chairman's old friend. After the war, Sayuri is reunited with Nobu, who needs her help with impressing an American Colonel named Derricks (Ted Levine) who has the power to approve funding for the Chairman's firm. Sayuri reunites with Mameha, who now makes a living renting rooms for the poor. Although she is reluctant to return to the geisha lifestyle after what she's been through, she agrees to help impress Derricks. Sayuri is reacquainted with Pumpkin, who is now a flirty escort. Sayuri goes on a trip with Nobu, the Chairman, Mameha, Pumpkin, and the Americans to the Amami Islands.
Sayuri can be written using different kanji characters and can mean:
The Japanese release of the film was titled "Sayuri", the titular character's geisha name.
Sayuri is the longest-running actress of Seiya Kou/Sailor Star Fighter, performing for 113 stages.
Satoshi Minagawa (Kanji Tsuda), an office worker, seems normal but is in fact a violent porn movie fan. Nao Aiba (Rubi Aiba), a high school student, roams around town instead of going to school. Sayuri Maejima (Shion Machida) is unemployed and her brother Kou grows magic mushrooms for sale. Satoshi has a crush on Sayuri but his preparations to introduce himself are a little odd (Employs Nao to stalk Sayuri).
Sayuri, Mameha and Pumpkin entertain the Minister together regularly and within time, Nobu formally begins proposals to become Sayuri's "danna". Sayuri still maintains strong feelings for the Chairman and doesn't want Nobu to become her "danna", so on a weekend trip to the Amami Islands with Iwamura Electric, she plans to seduce the Minister and be caught in humiliation by Nobu. Upon catching on to Sayuri's plan and fearing that she would behave similar to Hatsumomo, Mameha warns against it because it would disrespect him and tells her to accept him as her "danna". Sayuri refuses and asks Pumpkin for one last favor to bring Nobu to a theater while she is with the Minister, which Pumpkin agrees to. Harboring animosity for Sayuri, Pumpkin deliberately brings the Chairman instead of Nobu to catch her with the Minsiter. Enraged, Sayuri confronts her for humiliating her in front of the Chairman. In return, Pumpkin coldly reveals how she grown to resent Sayuri over the years: for destroying her chances of being adopted by Mother, being forced to become a prostitute to survive during the war and for never realizing how she made herself look bad to embarrass Hatsumomo to help Sayuri. Having noticed her feelings for the Chairman, Pumpkin hoped that when he catches Sayuri with the Minister, he would be disgusted by her behavior. In despising her, Pumpkin mentions that Sayuri will never see the Chairman again and she would be forced to accept Nobu as her "danna". In that moment after she leaves, Sayuri realizes that a part of Hatsumomo resided in Pumpkin and finally sought her revenge.
"Voiced by": Sayuri Yoshida (Japanese), Mandy Clark (Full Metal Panic!)/Jessica Boone (Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu) (English), Filipina Pamintuan (Tagalog)
Shortly after Hatsumomo's demise it is revealed Dr. Crab was actually bidding against the Baron, Mameha's danna, for Sayuri's mizuage. The Baron had previously tried to sexually assault Sayuri, undressing her against her will at a party, which Mameha had warned against. Nobu instead bids to become Sayuri's "danna", but loses out to General Tottori. With Japan on the brink of entering World War II, many geisha are evacuated to other cities to work in factories, which requires hard labor and are primary bomb targets. The General is demoted and is unable to use any influence to send Sayuri somewhere safer. Despite losing respect for Sayuri, Nobu is able to send Sayuri far north to live with his old friend, Arashino, a kimono maker. At the end of the war, Nobu visits Sayuri and asks that she return to Gion to help entertain the new Deputy Minister Sato, whose aid can be instrumental in rebuilding Iwamura Electric, the company which the Chairman and Nobu run. Once returning to Gion, Sayuri helps Mother and Auntie clean up the okiya and shows kindness to the new girl they have taken in to train under her. When she learns that Pumpkin had not been invited back, Sayuri asks Auntie about it. She revealed that before she went to retrieve Sayuri from Arashino, Pumpkin came begging both her and Mother to let her return to the okiya because she's homeless and needs their help. Auntie was willing to let Pumpkin back in to work as a maid, but Mother refused having decided that she was a failure. Sayuri approaches an unhappy and homeless Pumpkin to help her entertain the Minister. She only agrees to help out because she knew Minister Sato and had entertained him in the past.
"Memoirs of a Geisha" tells the story of a young Japanese girl, Chiyo Sakamoto, who is sold by her impoverished family to a geisha house called an okiya. Chiyo is eventually transformed into a geisha and renamed "Sayuri", and becomes one of the most celebrated geisha of her time. But with this success, Sayuri also learns the secrets and sacrifices of the geisha lifestyle.
Besides writing and performing her own songs, she has composed and written songs for other artistes. She wrote lyrics for in Sayuri Iwata's "Sayuri Iwata Best+" album. She also composed the music for 'Tears" and "January 28 ~two of us~" in Aya Kamiki's independent mini album, Rock On.
Sayuri Tachibana is portrayed by . The reason Sayuri was chosen as a Dunamist is a tribute to Nagi Saijyo from "Ultraman Nexus", who was supposedly to have a deeper plot involvement as the fourth Dunamist but was quickly cancelled and given a slight chance in the final episode due to the series' poor ratings.
Controversy arose during casting of the film when some of the most prominent roles, including those of the geisha Sayuri, Hatsumomo and Mameha, did not go to Japanese actresses. Zhang Ziyi (Sayuri) and Gong Li (Hatsumomo) are both Chinese, whereas Michelle Yeoh (Mameha) is an ethnic Chinese from Malaysia. More notable is the fact that all three were already prominent fixtures in Chinese cinema.
Sayuri Tachibana is portrayed by . The reason Sayuri was chosen as a Dunamist is a tribute to Nagi Saijyo from "Ultraman Nexus", who was supposedly to have a deeper plot involvement as the fourth Dunamist but was quickly cancelled and given a slight chance in the final episode due to the series' poor ratings.
Sayuri peacefully retires from being a geisha when the Chairman becomes her "danna". It is heavily implied that they have an illegitimate son together. Foreseeing the consequences this could have regarding the inheritance of Iwamura Electric, she relocates to New York City and opens her own small tea house for entertaining Japanese men on business in the United States. Sayuri severs her links to the Nitta okiya and in effect, Japan. The Chairman remains her danna until his death and the story concludes with a reflection on Sayuri and her life.