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Scalptia scalarina is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Cancellariidae, the nutmeg snails.
Palaina scalarina is a species of minute land snail with an operculum, a terrestrial gastropod mollusk or micromollusks in the family Diplommatinidae. This species is endemic to Micronesia.
Truncatella scalarina is a species of very small land snail that lives next to seawater, a gastropod mollusk or micromollusk in the family Truncatellidae.
Clea scalarina is a Southeast Asian species of freshwater snail with an operculum, an aquatic gastropod mollusk in the family Buccinidae, the true whelks, most of which are marine.
The whorls are usually narrowly shouldered above. The shell is whitish under a light olivaceous, thin epidermis, with several revolving series of square chestnut spots. The base is constricted, with a few engraved striae. The shouldered form is "Pusionella nifat scalarina"
"Clea scalarina" consists of defined male and female genders, and is not capable of gender change. It is unknown as to how to sex these animals. Both males and females seem to be the same size and shape. When a male and female mate, they lock together for 8-12 hours.