Synonyms for scalicronica or Related words with scalicronica

murgotten              strophiata              tattvasangraha              griseisticta              borrala              scoresbii              stictum              goertae              marginellinae              degraaffi              pternistes              xylenini              hobartensis              baroalba              silverblack              axilspot              pohlei              sexpustulatus              phareodus              tropidolepis              tephrolaema              acanthizoides              jacobik              baibacina              guirahuro              eliena              cymatoceps              chlorura              occudentalis              henicogrammus              protalaridris              costipicta              kullavagga              labracoglossa              chryseostictus              vintsioides              tetraspilus              cirrocephalus              austmusia              polycis              tanganyikensis              ramosellus              neesianum              cratista              apodemoides              sethsmithi              speculipastor              myhendrae              mesogaea              semire             

Examples of "scalicronica"
By the time Edward was ready to begin his advance in early August Bruce was more than ready. He deployed his usual tactics: crops were destroyed and livestock removed and his army withdrawn north of the River Forth. In all of Lothian the English are said only to have found one lame cow, causing the Earl of Surrey to remark; "This is the dearest beef I ever saw. It surely has cost a thousand pounds and more!" In the "Scalicronica", Sir Thomas Gray describes the whole campaign thus;