Synonyms for scambia or Related words with scambia

ferlini              terracciano              ranelletti              spizzo              plebani              bussolati              ghiringhelli              giavazzi              misek              cattoretti              bellosta              ponzoni              pennacchietti              scielzo              baccarani              lozza              pruneri              apetoh              giaccone              pilozzi              ferracin              chinol              parmigiani              scaltriti              hortobagyi              casadio              muccioli              mancardi              sanvito              lollini              meroni              harousseau              marzella              geuna              melino              palkovits              bemasconi              zelent              ballabio              altucci              bajetta              dotti              roldo              tubaro              pastorino              cossu              dolcetti              camaioni              bistoni              andreola             

Examples of "scambia"
Principal Lucia Pollino was suspended after an incident in which three students were allegedly strip searched while on a senior trip to Walt Disney World in April 2007. A lawsuit has been filed by an attorney representing one of the students asking for $250,000 in damages related to the incident. Pollino sued the board claiming she was a victim of gender discrimination. She denied authorizing a strip search and said two male teachers who carried out the search were not disciplined. School Superintendent Frank Scambia said Pollino would be reassigned to become director of assessments, receiving the same salary she did as principal.