Synonyms for scandriglia or Related words with scandriglia

semiana              segariu              ossago              ghilarza              bonarcado              tertenia              montenars              fordongianus              piedimulera              valstrona              grimacco              pallanzeno              pulfero              tavigliano              bisegna              taipana              perfugas              lorsica              stazzano              valdemone              gesico              binanuova              usellus              valtellino              frabosa              guardabosone              montegioco              bioglio              frascarolo              trasaghis              calvignasco              gadesco              albignola              orria              quassolo              cremasca              mairago              stimigliano              sorradile              pancarana              rueglio              pallare              grottole              narcao              roddino              filattiera              garaguso              tiglieto              villamassargia              dubino             

Examples of "scandriglia"
Monteflavio borders the following municipalities: Licenza, Montorio Romano, Moricone, Palombara Sabina, San Polo dei Cavalieri, Scandriglia.
Montorio Romano borders the following municipalities: Monteflavio, Montelibretti, Moricone, Nerola, Scandriglia.
Licenza borders the following municipalities: Mandela, Monteflavio, Percile, Roccagiovine, San Polo dei Cavalieri, Scandriglia.
Poggio Nativo borders the following municipalities: Casaprota, Castelnuovo di Farfa, Frasso Sabino, Mompeo, Nerola, Poggio Moiano, Scandriglia, Toffia.
Scandriglia is a "comune" (municipality) in the Province of Rieti in the Italian region Latium, located about northeast of Rome and about south of Rieti.
Montopoli in Sabina, Poggio Catino, Poggio Mirteto, Poggio Moiano, Poggio Nativo, Poggio San Lorenzo, Roccantica, Salisano, Scandriglia, Selci, Stimigliano, Tarano, Toffia, Torricella, Torri in Sabina, Vacone.
Poggio Moiano borders the following municipalities: Colle di Tora, Frasso Sabino, Monteleone Sabino, Poggio Nativo, Pozzaglia Sabina, Rocca Sinibalda, Scandriglia, Torricella in Sabina.
Maurizio Massimiani (born September 22, 1953 in Scandriglia) is a former Italian Grand Prix motorcycle road racer. His best year was in 1979 when he finished second in the 125cc world championship.
Between May 1134 and February 1137 he was ordained into the priesthood by Pope Innocent II, who resided at that time in Pisa. Under the influence of Bernard of Clairvaux he entered the Cistercian Order in the monastery of Clairvaux in 1138. A year later he returned to Italy as leader of the Cistercian community in Scandriglia. In Autumn 1140, Pope Innocent II named him abbot of the monastery of S. Anastasio alle Tre Fontane outside Rome. Some chronicles indicate that he was also elevated to the College of Cardinals, but these testimonies probably resulted from a confusion because Bernardo is not attested as cardinal in any document and from the letter of Bernard of Clairvaux addressed to the cardinals shortly after his election clearly appears that he was not a cardinal.