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Examples of "scarsella"
Scarsella was CEO of ETSA Utilities in Adelaide, South Australia.
Scarsella played as a goalkeeper for Campbelltown City.
Ippolito Scarsella was born and died in Ferrara. His father was the lesser-known painter Sigismondo Scarsella, who was particularly skilled as an architect. Scarsellino traveled and worked extensively across Italy, encountering many influences.
On January 24, 2017, current Burnsville Police Department / former Mankato PD officer Bret Levin, friend of Scarsella since high school, testified that he and Scarsella had exchanged "racially charged" texts, explicitly “negative about black people,” on multiple occasions.
In 2003 Scarsella became inaugural president of National Soccer League club Adelaide United.
Born in the September 1955 near Rome, Scarsella moved to Australia from Italy in the early 1960s.
Between 2005 and 2011 Scarsella was CEO of Northern Gas Networks, a company that manages the gas distribution network in the north of England.
Camillo Rizzi (1580–1618) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period, active mainly in Ferrara. He was a pupil of the painter Ippolito Scarsella.
Leslie George Scarsella (November 23, 1913 – December 16, 1958) was a Major League Baseball player. He played five seasons with the Cincinnati Reds (1935 – 1937, 1939) and Boston Bees (1940).
The following evening the Storm played away in another friendly against the 2014–15 EPIHL champions the Peterborough Phantoms. The Storm won again with a 7–3 victory with four goals coming from Manchester Storm forward Vinny Scarsella.
Basil Scarsella (born in Italy) is an Australian businessman. He is a former CEO of ETSA Utilities and Northern Gas Networks. He is the current CEO of UK Power Networks, formerly EDF Energy Networks. He was also President of the Oceania Football Confederation between 2000 and 2003, and is a former Member of the Executive Committee of FIFA.
He was born in Gaeta, one of the youngest of some eleven siblings, to Giovanni Conca and Anna Laura Scarsella di Castro. His father was a painter and cousin to the more famous painter Sebastiano Conca; the two were Tommaso's first teachers in Baroque painting. In 1770, Tommaso was made member of Accademia di San Luca, Rome's guild of painters.
Scarsellino or Ippolito Scarsella (1550 (or 1551) – 28 October 1620) was an Italian mid-to-late sixteenth century reformist painter and one of the most important representatives of the School of Ferrara. His landscapes of both sacred and secular themes strongly anticipate the landscape painting traditions of the 17th century.
An inventory in the 18th century recalled an altarpiece for San Giuliano by Giacomo Bambini and Cesare Croma; a "Bishop St Eligio" attributed to either Scarsella or Pordenone; a "St Andrew" by Bartolommeo Solati; and a "St Luke" by Menagatti. In 1846, the church is reserred to as an oratory. It had been, for some decades, deconsecrated.
Scarsella was President of the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) in the early 2000s when FIFA promised and subsequently reneged on direct entry for the top OFC team to the World Cup finals tournament. In 2003 he resigned after OFC members passed a vote of no confidence in his leadership.
First basemen, with 21 winners, have won the most among infielders, followed by third basemen (6), second basemen (3), and shortstops (3). Eight players who won the award were catchers. Twenty-eight outfielders have won the MVP Award, the most of any position. A total of 11 pitchers have won the MVP Award, all of them being right-handed. The last pitcher to win was Steve Mintz in 1996. The Pacific Coast League now has a Pitcher of the Year Award, which was established in 2001. Steve Bilko has the record for most MVP Award wins with three (1955–57). Sandy Alomar, Jr., and Les Scarsella have both won the MVP Award twice. Scarsella first won the award in 1944 as a first baseman and then won his second in 1946 as an outfielder.
In August 2003, Adelaide City withdrew from the National Soccer League (NSL), leaving Adelaide with no NSL presence for the first time since the beginning of the league in 1977. West Adelaide had previously withdrawn from the NSL in 1999. In response, Adelaide United was created on 12 September 2003, with builder and property developer Gordon Pickard funding the new club and former Soccer Australia and FIFA executive Basil Scarsella as Chairman.
Opening to the nave on the right is the chapel of San Vicinio with elaborate stucco decoration patronized by the bishop Paolo Calbetti in 1755. The altar houses the relics of the saint, while the chains are in the tabernacle. The altarpiece is a "Madonna and Child with San Vicinio Crowned" by Ippolito Scarsella, also called il Scarsellino. Michele Valbonesi painted four votive canvases depicting "Miracles of San Vicinio" along the walls.
The interior houses a terracotta "Madonna della Rondine" by Michele da Firenze and an anonymously sculpted "Beata Vergine degli Angioli". There are two terracotta Depositions: a 19th-century work by Giuseppe Obici in the sacristy and another by Prudenzio Piccioli. Among the paintings and altarpieces in the church, some originate from the deconsecrated church of Santa Maria degli Angioli. Among the painters are Ippolito Scarsella, Jacopo Zoboli, F. Madonnina, Francesco Stringa, and R. Franciosino. The church has frescoes by Fermo Forti. The 16th century organ was completed by the Cipri family.
Australia's manager Frank Farina criticised the qualification format and questioned the need for these kind of matches. Archie Thompson, who scored a record-setting 13 goals, was delighted with his record, but he also agreed with Farina's comments. FIFA spokesman Keith Cooper agreed with both comments and suggested a change in the qualification format, with the smaller teams entering a preliminary round. However, Oceania Football Confederation chairman Basil Scarsella, opposed both comments and claimed that the smaller teams have the right to face Australia and New Zealand, similar to Australia having the rights to face stronger opponents such as Brazil and France.