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Examples of "scary_godmother"
Thompson created the comic book series "Scary Godmother", originally published by Sirius Entertainment and later by Dark Horse Comics. The books spawned two television specials: "Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktacular", which aired in foreign countries in 2003 before being picked up by Cartoon Network in 2004. This was followed by "" in 2005. Both were animated using CGI. Thompson did scripting for the project and maintained a measure of creative control. In 2003, the merchandising rights to Scary Godmother reverted to Thompson, allowing her to proceed with plans to create a Scary Godmother fashion doll for which she promoted a successful Kickstarter campaign.
Scary Godmother is a series of children's books and comic books created by artist Jill Thompson and published by Sirius Entertainment in 1997.
Other popular artists include Donna Barr ("Desert Peach", about Erwin Rommel's fictional gay brother), Jill Thompson ("Scary Godmother", a friendly witch in a Halloween environment) and Linda Medley ("Castle Waiting", daily lives of fairytale characters).
The show ends with Harry trying to convince the audience to give him spare candy and send it to his address, only to be dragged away by Mr. Pettibone and Scary Godmother ending the show for Harry.
Thompson described the work and the character this way: “Scary Godmother is like your fairy godmother, but for Halloween. There’s really nothing scary about the Scary Godmother. She’s fun and macabre; reminiscent of childhood with a little bit of social commentary mixed in." She stated that “comics are so segregated now” and that she wanted to create something that both young readers and adults could enjoy." She decided to create something with a Halloween theme after looking for a Halloween-themed children's book for her niece and not finding anything that she liked. The books employ a combination of storybook/comic formats. Thompson does the interiors as well as the covers for Scary Godmother, and she said that planning ahead and meeting deadlines can be a challenge.
When she arrives, Scary Godmother is preparing a dish for the party. Her cat, Boozle, comes in and coughs up a "scareball", which lands on the Magic Calendar. On the Calendar, Halloween is the most important holiday to them. They then have a visit from Count Max, Ruby and Orson, who came to ask Scary Godmother if she needed anything. Ruby then shows Hannah what Orson is to wear on Halloween, making Orson really embarrassed since he doesn't know what to wear. Hannah then leaves to go back to the real world.
Jill Thompson (born November 20, 1966) is an Eisner Award-winning American comic book writer and illustrator who has worked for stage, film, and television. Well known for her work on Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman" characters and her own "Scary Godmother" series, she has worked on "The Invisibles", "Swamp Thing", and "Wonder Woman" as well.
Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy is a 2005 animated film starring Tabitha St. Germain, Britt McKillip, Alexander Ludwig, Brittney Irvin, Gary Chalk, and Dexter Bell. It was directed by Ezekiel Norton with a screenplay by Ian Boothby based on the book by Jill Thompson.
In addition to his work in the new media & podcasting space, Kevin actively works in the children's television & animation arena. He has been the Producer of several Television Series and TV Specials including "Max Steel", "The Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktakular", "George of the Jungle" and "Casper's Scare School". His DVD animated feature credits as Producer include "Kung Fu Magoo" and several of the popular "Veggietales" series (including the most recent DVD in the "Minnesota Cuke" line, which parody the Indiana Jones movie franchise).
Thompson has won multiple Eisner Awards, including in 2001 for best painter for Scary Godmother, 2004 for "Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (interior art)" for her work on "The Dark Horse Book of Hauntings", and in 2005 for "Best Short Story" for "Unfamiliar" (from "The Dark Horse Book of the Dead") with Evan Dorkin. In 2011 the National Cartoonist Society named her Best Comic Book Artist for "Beasts of Burden".
Thompson was a body model for other comics artists, and uses herself as the basis for several characters in her work, most notably as the original model for Scary Godmother. Her likeness has been used by P. Craig Russell in his graphic novel "The Magic Flute", and many other works by Russell. In a 2012 interview, she said,"For his "" story ‘Hothouse,’ I was this evil doctor, or someone who was manipulating Poison Ivy...He used me for operas and things, like Brunhilda and "Ring of the Nibelung"." Alex Ross used her likeness for the character Duela Dent in "Kingdom Come".
When it's time to announce the winner for the Best Costume, the prize is gone. We then see Jimmy with the prize, only to be busted by Harry, who wanted the candy, so they begin to fight over it. Bug A Boo arrives, causing Jimmy and Harry to crash into him, making Harry fly out of the house, and Jimmy and Bug A Boo screaming at each other. After Jimmy's fright, Bug A Boo explains that he looked really scary, so Scary Godmother announces that Jimmy has won the contest. Jimmy is back to his old self again.
The gang decide to have a Halloween party, and invite Jimmy, who covers the place where the party was to be held (The Spook House) with toilet paper. When they discover what happens, this again affects the Fright Side by making everything totally wrong, for there is no longer a Halloween on the calendar (being replaced with Nov.1, respectively). In the process, Harry's shirt disappears, Mr. Pettibone falls apart, Bug A Boo shrinks, Scary Godmother loses her color and the vampires become humans. The kids become sad, until Hannah tells them that the toilet paper look like ghosts. After the explanation, the Fright Side is back to normal and Halloween returns to the calendar.
Brittney Elizabeth "Britt" Irvin (born November 10, 1984) is a Canadian actress and singer. She has also done voiceover work for Ocean Productions. She is typically credited as Britt Irvin in works since 2003, and as Brittney Irvin in works prior to 2003, though exceptions exist both ways. Britt is best known for playing Katie in "Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktacular" and its sequel "". She was first billed as Britt Irvin in a 2001 episode of "The Outer Limits", and is still sometimes billed as Brittney Irvin in recent work, such as her voice work as Jade in "Bratz", and in two of the three episodes of "Aliens in America" in which she appeared in 2007.
Alex Doduk (born as Alexander Doduk) is an American voice actor who is well known for his roles in the films: Barbie in the Nutcracker (2001), Scary Godmother (2003), The incredible Elephant (1998) and in the Animated series Brain Powered. He was the first voice of Lan Hikari for 14 episodes (1-5, 9-17) on the English version of "Megaman NT Warrior" before Brad Swaile became the voice for Lan. Doduk has voiced in other English dubs of anime, such as "InuYasha" and the Ocean dub of "Escaflowne". He was also José on "Cybersix". He provided the voice of Vega Obscura in the English version of "". In 2000, Doduk voiced Jake Spankenheimer in "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer".
We move to Jimmy's home where he is lying on his bed and he begins to have a dream. The dream involves him in his devil costume confronted by Bug A Boo who is about to eat him. He wakes up startled by the dream and begins to "Monster Proof" his room. He tests the trap on his friends who come in a while later. The tests works on them and Jimmy explains the whole thing to them, including the one where he wants to boycott Halloween. His friends didn't want to be involve in any of this, so they leave for Hannah's house. At Hannah's home, the young girl is putting up Halloween decorations, until Bug A Boo scares her by grabbing her ankle. While the two friends talk, Hannah mentions that she ran out of cobwebs, so Bug A Boo recommends that she should go visit Scary Godmother by using the key to the Fright Side she got from her. She inserts the key in her closet door and travels to The Fright Side.
Two films have been produced based on the series. The first, "Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktacular", premiered on television in Europe, Latin America, Australia, and Canada in 2003. Later, it premiered in the United States on Cartoon Network in 2004. The film was the first one Mainframe Entertainment used its new software/animation pipeline for. Jill Thompson co-wrote the script, and had some creative control over the project. When she was shown early character designs for the film which resembled the watercolor illustrations in her books, she requested that the characters instead be fully computer-generated. (In an interview, Thompson stated that she wanted them to go with CGI because "I'm doing 2D. Nobody else should be doing 2D, just me.") However, the mostly static backgrounds used in the film more closely resemble traditional cel animation or the illustrations in Thompson's books. Because of that, the 3D characters often appear to "pop out" from their backgrounds. The visual style of the film has been described as resembling that of Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" rather than that of computer-animated films such as "Finding Nemo". A review of the film in School Library Journal, however, described the film as "Toy Story meets Tim Burton", and thought that the animation closely resembles Thompson's watercolor illustrations.