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Examples of "schaffran"
Schaffran was the son of a teacher, his family moved from Breslau to Leschnitz am Annaberg. In the First World War his father served as an officer and was killed. His widow lived with Gerhard and his siblings at Görlitz. Gerhard Schaffran initially studied at a gymnasium in Berlin, but left high school in Görlitz in order to study theology at Breslau. After his ordination by Adolf Bertram on 1 August 1937, Schaffran served as a chaplain in Breslau. During the Second World War he was a Military chaplain and then a voluntary chaplain in a Soviet prisoner of war camp in Azerbaijan. By the time of his release frontiers had moved and Breslau had become the Polish city of Wrocław. In 1949/50 Schaffran decided to move to the German Democratic Republic, where in 1952 he became rector of the catechist seminary in Görlitz. From 1959 he worked as Professor of Homiletics at the Catholic seminary in Neuzelle and as a prison chaplain. On 24 November 1962, Schaffran was appointed titular bishop of Semnea and Auxiliary bishop of Görlitz. He was ordained as a bishop on 22 January 1963 by Alfred Bengsch, Archbishop of Berlin. Auxiliary Bishop Friedrich Maria Rintelen of Magdeburg and Hugo Aufderbeck of Erfurt assisted in the consecration. Schaffran adopted "Soli Deo" (for God alone) as his motto.
Bellisario married Margaret Schaffran in 1956 and they divorced in 1974. They had four children: Joy Bellisario-Jenkins (born c. 1956), Leslie Bellisario-Ingham (born c. 1961), David Bellisario (producer on ""), and Julie Bellisario Watson (producer on "NCIS").
Gerhard Schaffran (* 4 July 1912 in Leśnica, Górny Śląsk; † 4. March 1996 in Dresden) was Papal consistory and Auxiliary bishop of Görlitz, of Breslau for the see of Görlitz and Bishop of Dresden-Meissen.
On 1 August 1987, Pope John Paul II accepted his resignation on grounds of age. Schaffran died in 1996 in Dresden and was interred in the Bishops' crypt of Dresden Cathedral.
In September 1970, Gerhard Schaffran was appointed Bishop of the diocese of Meißen, which became Dresden-Meissen in 1979 and whose seat was moved from Bautzen to Dresden in 1980. He remained in the role until 1987. From 1980 to 1982 he was chairman of the Berlin Conference of Bishops. A high point of his career was organising the only Catholic Conference in East Germany, which took place in Dresden from 10–12 July 1987.
The City Blacksmith Shop or Hanzlik Blacksmith Shop in Lamberton in the U.S. state of Minnesota is located at Douglas Street and 2nd Avenue. The building was built by George Nigg Senior and Paul Schaffran in 1897. They smithed until they sold the shop to Anton Hanzlik in 1920. Many of the trade tools are still in the building, however some have been modernized with electricity.
On March 16, 1974 in Dresden, Zdarsa was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Gerhard Schaffran, and he served afterward in the church of St. Franziskus Xaverius in Dresden. In 1976 he was elevated to vicar of the dome, episcopal secretary, and chair of the diocesan curia. In 1977 Zdarsa began doctoral studies at the Pontifical Gregorian University, where he finished his dissertation in canon law in 1982 earning the title of "Doctor iuris canonici". In 1985 Zdarsa received the title of “defender of the Bond” in his home diocese. In 2004 he was elevated to vicar general in Dresden-Meißen.