Synonyms for schandfleck or Related words with schandfleck

untertan              totmacher              kreidekreis              busant              sirarpie              brivele              jasager              wiederentdecker              wetsidee              blutharsch              scharlachrote              flohwalzer              giftpilz              tunkeler              trihs              territorialen              fahnder              gerettete              todestunnel              bettelstudent              fischt              tatortreiniger              kriminalist              zauberlehrling              weibsteufel              zarewitsch              zauberer              rauchfangkehrer              pferdesports              lachende              postmeister              schwangerschaft              millionenerbe              knochenmann              weltfest              nationalepos              keusche              ewige              schimmelreiter              vollkommene              bloasbalg              nachsommer              feinschmecker              orchideengarten              bergdoktor              geschmack              bluten              theatermacher              wehrkraft              todesking             

Examples of "schandfleck"
Haindling has composed music for television series and theatrical movies, including Irgendwie und Sowieso, "Zur Freiheit", "Cafe Meineid", "Der Kaiser von Schexing", "Der Schandfleck", "Bavaria", "Margarete Steiff", among others.
Bernadette Heerwagen (born 22 June 1977) is a German actress. She began acting aged sixteen and since co-starring in the 1999 production "Der Schandfleck', for which she was awarded the Bayerischer Fernsehpreis Sonderpreis in 2000, Heerwagen has gone on to play in a variety of leading and supporting roles in German and Austrian television films, dramas and in European cinema. In 2004 her leading performance in "Grüße Aus Kaschmir" took her to greater prominence within Germany and France.
Bruchsal's Coat of Arms features a solid, polished silver cross on blue background, with a silver ball in the top left quadrant. The official city colors are white and blue. The Coat of Arms symbolized the Cross of Speyer, referring to the fact that Bruchsal was the official residence of the Bishop until 1803, and has been in use for many centuries. There is some uncertainty as to how the ball came into the arms. The ball may have become part of the Coat of Arms by accident, in that an engraving fault may have been misinterpreted in an older print. Residents refer to it commonly as the "Schandfleck" (the "blot on the city's escutcheon").
After being cast in a short-film in 1992, Heerwagen was spotted by Portuguese film director Miguel Alexandre whilst at the Bavaria Film Studios. Alexandre approached Heerwagen, then aged sixteen, and asked her to play the lead role in his new film for German television. Heerwagen accepted and starred in the title role of her debut film "Nana" (1995) for ARD and HFF München. After several roles in television films she then went on to star in the TV film "Die Aubergers" (1997) and in its follow up television series. She also studied acting techniques and drama at Film Breakthrough in Munich. After landing a supporting role in ARD and Bayerischer Rundfunk's television film "Liebe und weitere Katastrophen" (1999) alongside Senta Berger, Heerwagen was then cast as the co-star in the German television two-part film "Der Schandfleck" (1999) which brought her to much wider notice as an actress in Germany. Heerwagen progressed to feature in a number of television dramas and series, such as "SOKO 5113". In 2000 she won the Special Award for her role in the docu-drama "Wir sind da! Juden in Deutschland 1945" at the Bavarian TV Awards along with the director and her co-actor.