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Examples of "schatz"
Born in Greifenberg, Germany, Schatz emigrated with his parents to the United States in 1851. Schatz lived in Watertown, Wisconsin, then in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, and then finally settled in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Schatz operated a hotel and blacksmith shop. During the American Civil War, Schatz served as a blacksmith in the Union Army. In 1882, Schatz served in the Wisconsin State Assembly and was a Democrat. Schatz died at his home in Brookfield, Wisconsin.
Schatz is married to Nadine Schatz-Grandjean-Perrenoud-Contesse, a Swiss citizen and likewise an alumna of the University of St. Gallen. He is the son of famous biochemist Gottfried Schatz, who co-discovered mitochondrial DNA.
The 1952 prize was awarded solely to Selman Waksman "for his discovery of streptomycin, the first antibiotic effective against tuberculosis" and omitted recognition due his co-discoverer Albert Schatz. Schatz sued Waksman over the details and credit of the discovery. Schatz was awarded a substantial settlement, and, together with Waksman, Schatz was legally recognized as a co-discoverer.
Schatz was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, as one of six siblings. Schatz attended Creighton University, where she played basketball and softball for the Bluejays. Schatz graduated with a degree in journalism and mass communications. After graduation, Schatz became the first female sports reporter ever in Omaha, covering the weekend sports news.
Schatz is also a renowned solo artist who has recorded two solo albums on Rounder Records, his debut produced by Bela Fleck. His band, "Mark Schatz & Friends", is composed of Schatz, Casey Driessen, Missy Raines, and Jim Hurst. Schatz has produced albums for various bluegrass artists including The Duhks.
Zahara Schatz ( (1916–1999), was an Israeli artist. She was the daughter of Boris Schatz, who founded the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.
Most of the extractions in Northern California are done under the leadership of Eric Schatz of Schatz Tree Service, a well known professional arborist.
Schatz hosts his own radio programm in the Yle Radio 1 every Monday since 2013. Schatz has written several books about Finland and Germany.
Arctic Chamber Orchestra, Madeline Schatz, conductor.
In 1911, Schatz married Olga Pevzner, a writer and art history teacher. Their children Zahara Schatz (1916–1999) and Bezalel Schatz (1912–1978), nicknamed Lilik, were also artists. Angelika became a painter, too, gaining recognition in the 1930s in France and Bulgaria. For many years, it was believed the relationship ended when Genia and Boris Schatz divorced. Letters discovered in the Central Zionist Archives reveal that they remained in touch.
The 1952 prize, awarded solely to Selman Waksman for his discovery of streptomycin, omitted the recognition some felt due to his co-discoverer Albert Schatz. There was litigation brought by Schatz against Waksman over the details and credit of the streptomycin discovery; Schatz was awarded a substantial settlement, and, together with Waksman, Schatz was to be officially recognized as a co-discoverer of streptomycin as concerned patent rights. However, he is not recognized as a Nobel Prize laureate.
Schatz announced his intention to run for election in the special election to be held in 2014 for a two years term. In April 2013, Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa announced she would oppose Schatz in the primary. The core of the Schatz campaign was climate change and renewable energy, and fieldwork from the Super-PAC Climate Hawks Vote has been credited with possibly putting Schatz over the top in a close Democratic primary. Schatz defeated Hanabusa by 1,782 votes (0.75 percent) in a primary delayed in two precincts by Hurricane Iselle.
People with the surname Schatz or variants include:
Broadcasters: Ann Schatz & Kyndra de St. Aubin (P12 Mtn & AZ)
Albert Schatz (1839–1910) was a musicologist, composer, and librettist.
Counselors: Jennifer Goodbody, Jeff Schatz, Darren Johnston, Alison Francis
Brian Schatz won the Democratic primary for Lieutenant Governor in 2010 with 37% of the vote and was elected alongside Abercrombie. After the death of U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye in December 2012, Abercrombie appointed Schatz to succeed him in the Senate. Schatz resigned as Lieutenant Governor and was succeeded by Shan Tsutsui, the President of the Hawaii Senate.
In 2012, Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie appointed Lieutenant Governor Brian Schatz (Democrat) to take the place of deceased nine-term Senator Daniel Inouye. Schatz won a 2014 special election to serve the remainder of Inouye's term. Schatz ran for re-election.
In 1989, Schatz and her family moved to Portland, Oregon. KOIN hired Schatz to be the first female sports reporter for the Portland area, a position she held until 2005. Ten years after arriving in Portland, Schatz was hired to be the Portland Trail Blazers sideline reporter, video feature writer, and producer.
Der Schatz im Niemandsland is a German television series.