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hoppedietmar              grubermario              schieglmarkus              totschnig              erbenwalther              borchmeyer              musiol              pichlerpeter              gottwaldmario              angererfritz              scheuerpflug              wederdonat              hansruedi              gummelt              frostellkurt              bergisac              haselrieder              kronsbein              zingerle              schnelldorfer              tritscher              putze              anderl              reiterwalter              senekowitsch              hinterseer              paischer              truntschka              raudsik              koschka              ratheysergerald              annerose              grissmann              dorfer              zellhofer              hoffmannjochen              sylke              edelmanneric              obritzhauser              stanggassinger              rittberger              zadrobilek              hraska              siegl              bermbach              gstrein              pietzsch              tagwerkertobias              wembacher              passler             

Examples of "schauerhammer"
The German Democratic Republic dominated events and won Gold & Silver in both disciplines, with Wolfgang Hoppe and Dietmar Schauerhammer winning Gold's in both events.
Schauerhammer also won five medals at the FIBT World Championships with two golds (Two-man: 1985, 1986), one silver (Four-man: 1987), and two bronzes (Two-man: 1983, 1987).
The gold-winning pairing of Wolfgang Hoppe and Dietmar Schauerhammer from the two-man event, won their second golds as part of the four-man team. With every run, the best 3 runs were always the order of medallists.
Dietmar Schauerhammer (born 12 August 1955 in Neustadt an der Orla, Thuringia) is an East German two-time Winter Olympic champion, pentathlete, decathlete and bob pusher for six-time World champion, two-time Olympic champion, four-time European champion, two-time German champion and five-time GDR champion Wolfgang Hoppe who competed during the 1980s. Competing in two Winter Olympics, he won three medals with two golds (Two-man: 1984, Four-man: 1984) and one silver (Four-man: 1988).
The Soviet Union dominated the ice hockey competition, winning every match to take their sixth Olympic gold in eight Winter Games. East German sledders fully demonstrated their prowess at the Trebević track. Wolfgang Hoppe and Dietmar Schauerhammer clinched gold in both bobsleigh events, while Bernhard Lehmann and Bogdan Musiol secured both silvers. Led by Steffi Martin, who won the first of her two back-to-back Olympic titles, East German lugers swept the women's singles medals. This show of strength was also observed in the women's speed skating, where East German athletes grabbed nine of the twelve medals in dispute. Four of these were won by Karin Enke (matching the total tallies of Hämäläinen and Svan), and three by Andrea Schöne – in direct competition with Enke. Speed skater Gaétan Boucher won three of Canada's four medals in Sarajevo, including two golds.
LaRouche was part of what was called the "ozone backlash". "21st Century Science & Technology", which conducted what has been called "a very effective campaign of misinformation on the issue of ozone depletion", published "The Holes in the Ozone Scare" in 1992. The book, by LaRouche followers Rogelio Maduro and Ralf Schauerhammer, said that chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) were not destroying the ozone layer and opposed the proposal to ban them. It asserted that most chlorine in the atmosphere came from oceans, volcanoes, or other natural sources, and that CFCs were too heavy to reach the ozone layer. It went on to say that even if the ozone layer were depleted there would not be any harmful effects from additional ultraviolet radiation. It predicted that a ban would result in an additional 20 to 40 million deaths due to food spoilage. Lewis DuPont Smith, an heir to the DuPont Chemical fortune and a LaRouche follower, told Maduro that the DuPont Company had schemed to ban CFCs, which they had invented but which had become generic, in order to replace them with more expensive proprietary compounds. It has been called "probably the best known and most widely quoted text aimed at debunking the concept of ozone depletion". Its assertions were repeated by Dixie Lee Ray in her 1993 book "Environmental Overkill", by Rush Limbaugh, and by Ronald Bailey. Some atmospheric scientists have said that it is based on poor research.