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Examples of "scheits"
Matthias Scheits (1630 in Hamburg – 1700 in Hamburg) was a German Baroque painter.
His registered pupils were Johannes van der Bent, Hendrick Berckman, Eduard Dubois, Nicolas Ficke, Barent Gael, Anthony de Haen, Emanuel Murant, Matthias Scheits, Kort Withold, and his brothers.
He first went to Lüneburg, then on to Hamburg for further schooling. After that, he studied with Andreas Scheits in Hanover and Nicolas de Largillière in Paris. He completed his studies in the Netherlands and was a court painter for King Frederick William I of Prussia in Berlin from 1703 to 1707.
According to Houbraken who was told his fortunes by the painter Johannes Voorhout, Paulyn was a god-fearing man who planned a trip to the Holy Land with Jan Rote and travelled with him to London and Hamburg in search of travel companions, but came back to Amsterdam after their flags and other equipment was stolen. Voorhout had met him in Hamburg along with a seascape painter by the name of Bellevois and the landscape painter Matthias Scheits.