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Examples of "schildhorn"
A monument for him can be found on the Schildhorn peninsula in the Havel.
There are two islets located by the Havel (Lindwerder and Schwanenwerder) and a small peninsula (Schildhorn); and the tallest point is the hill of Teufelsberg, which is above sea level. On the northern border is found the "Funkturm Berlin" (radio tower) and the "Messe Berlin" (the trade show).
The marathon course started in the Olympic Stadium. After going around stadium, the starting field left the stadium through the Marathon Gate. The runners crossed the Maifeld and then turned right into the Angerburger Avenue. Shortly thereafter, it was then left into Glockenturmstraße and the first checkpoint after 4 km on the Havelchaussee. They went on the banks of the Havel along the Grunewald to the left side. The second checkpoint was 6 kilometers on Rupenhorn, at kilometer 8 of the third control point followed on Schildhorn. The Grunewaldturm was reached after 10 km, at the level of the island Lindwerder sending the runners southeast. At the end of Havelchaussee runners then turned left on the long, straight Avus. The course went on the race track to the Nordschleife, there returned to the rotor field and the previous route ran back to the Olympic Stadium. The athletes came through the Marathon Gate back to the stadium and then ran for about 150 meters to the finish line.