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Examples of "schimmelpfennig"
Adolf Schimmelpfennig (14 November 1815 – 2 September 1887) was a German historian.
Franz Schimmelpfennig von der Ove (died 1799) was the German President of Warsaw during the Prussian occupation.
Heinz Schimmelpfennig (6 April 1919 in Berlin, Germany - 31 December 2010 in Gernsbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany) was a German actor and director.
In 2001 he composed music for the German Theater (Deutsches Schauspielhaus) in Hamburg, working on Maria Stuart by Schiller and Arabische Nacht by Schimmelpfennig.
After leaving school, Schimmelpfennig trained as a designer until 1939. He then joined as a soldier in World War II, before being wounded in 1942 and leaving the forces.
He was born in Dallas, Texas to Louise Schimmelpfennig Haynes and Fred Haynes. In 1990, Haynes was inducted into Woodrow Wilson High School's Hall of Fame. Jerry graduated from Southern Methodist University after attending Louisiana State University and Yale.
Finally, the already mentioned Bušek, Schimmelpfennig and Gerlach or their collaborator Gunnar Kühn, the former CEO of Swirlglen, via which the stolen money traveled abroad, were never accused in this case even though they admitted the participation in the fraud.
She was laid down on 15 January 1943 by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg as yard number 204, launched on 27 October 1943 and commissioned on 16 December 1943 under "Oberleutnant zur See" Hartmuth Schimmelpfennig.
In 1508, ten farmers lived in the village, then known as Kasebalk and Kasebalg. Johann Schimmelpfennig (1604-1669), a Königsberg Councillor and vice-mayor of Kneiphof, possessed the village and surrounding region in 1650. His widow later sold the land to Elector Frederick III. East of the village was the inn Langerfeldkrug.
Ramin is currently Artistic Director of ATC Theatre for whom he has directed 'The Golden Dragon' by Roland Schimmelpfennig, which saw 110 performances worldwide including India and Northern Iraq, the first major revival of 'Crave' by Sarah Kane and a new Russian play, 'Illusions' by Ivan Viripaev.
In recent years Marlene translated a number of German plays into English – including works by Igor Bauersima, Falk Richter, Lukas Bärfuss, Roland Schimmelpfennig, Reto Finger, Margareth Obexer, Agnes Gerstenberg. Many of these translations have had public performances. The play Before / After (Vorher / Nachher) was performed by Sydney Theatre Company in February 2011, less than two months after her death.
Significant performers joining the guild in this era include Gary Schimmelpfennig with his “Earth Mirror Marionettes” environmental show. Larry and Lorene Gilleland also performed throughout the area with their muppets-style puppets. Professional percussionist “Papa” Wright and his wife Jackie formed “Storytime Puppets,” performing with hand puppets especially for the younger set.
In 1838, Philip married morganatically with Rosalie Antonie, Baroness Schimmelpfennig von der Oye, née Pototschnig. Elector William II of Hesse-Kassel elevated her to Countess of Naumburg (after Naumburg Castle, in modern Nidderau). Philip's relatives nevertheless rejected her, on the grounds that she was not a member of the high nobility. The marriage remained childless.
In 1783 he married Johanna Dorothea Raisin Schimmelpfennig, by whom he had two children. He was a member of the Halle Masonic Lodge, "Zu den drei Degen" ("one of the three swords"), along with Carl Loewe. In 1813, he fell ill and died of liver disease.
Construction of the building eventually began in 1921 under the leadership of Antonio R. Barceló. However, construction was halted after completion of the first level. When Finlayson got ill, he was replaced by Rafael Carmoega who, along with architects Joseph O'Kelly, William Schimmelpfennig, Harry Pembleton, Albert Nichols, Luis F. Pina, and Gonzalo Fernós Maldonado, made another design to finish the structure.
The Johann Schimmelpfennig Farmstead is a farm in Benton Township, Carver County, Minnesota listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The log and wood-framed buildings, built between 1856 and 1909, demonstrate the evolution of Minnesota farmsteads during that era.
From 2000-09 Ramin was at the Royal Court Theatre, first as International Associate, then as Associate Director where he directed over fifteen world or British premieres. In the Theatre Upstairs these included: 'Push Up' by Roland Schimmelpfennig, 'Terrorism' by the Presnyakov Brothers, 'Ladybird' by Vassily Sigarev, 'Way To Heaven' by Juan Mayorga, 'Woman and Scarecrow' by Marina Carr, 'Just a Bloke' by David Watson and 'Scenes from the Back of Beyond' by Meredith Oakes.
In 1879 Schimmelpfennig relocated to Breslau where he was able to apply his scholarly proclivities to work as librarian for the . He also had more time for writing, and published numerous essays on historical and church matters in the Journal of the Silesian Historical Society. More readily accessible today are approximately 60 biographical entries that he contributed to the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie "(German National Biographical Dictionary)". His contributions focus on theologians and scholars from Silesia.
Other TV credits include: Prisoner, A Country Practice, The Flying Doctors, Good Guys Bad Guys, Blue Heelers, The Young Doctors and Neighbours. , he remains active in the industry. He featured in the stage production of My Fair Lady His most recent theatre productions were "The NightWatchman", "Circle Mirror Transformation" by Annie Baker, and "The Golden Dragon" by contemporary German playwright Roland Schimmelpfennig. He also appeared in the television series Underbelly and Winners and Losers.
Radom railway station is a railway station in Radom, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland. It was built in 1885 as part of the East–West Iwangorodzko – Dąbrowa Górnicza line. It now stands at the junction of this line and the Warsaw–Kraków line. The station building was designed by Adolf Schimmelpfennig. Radom serves trains of Przewozy Regionalne, PKP Intercity and Koleje Mazowieckie and is designated as a Category B by PKP.