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schizotypal              narcissistic              schizotypical              neurotic              avoidant              hebephrenic              histronic              histrionic              catatonia              antisocial              paranoid              neuroses              neurosis              hypomania              paraphrenia              dissocial              schizotypy              agarophobia              hallucinosis              cyclothymia              erotomania              somatization              derealization              anankastic              obsessional              psychopathological              delusions              somatoform              paraphilic              dysthymia              deliration              dysphoric              melancholia              paranoia              parasomnia              moodiness              disordersz              acanthocytosis              extroversion              pseudodementia              ahylognosia              catatonic              psychopathology              narcissism              delirium              anddementia              dysthemia              keutel              delusional              hallucination             

Examples of "schizoid"
There is also an overlap between avoidant and schizoid personality traits (see schizoid avoidant behavior) and AvPD may have a relationship to the schizophrenia spectrum.
The of ICD-10 lists schizoid personality disorder under (F60.1).
Klein described development as proceeding through two phases: the paranoid-schizoid position and the depressive position. In the paranoid-schizoid position, the "main anxiety" is paranoia and hypochondria, and the fear is for the self.
Guntrip observed that the preceding characteristics result in loneliness: "Loneliness is an inescapable result of schizoid introversion and abolition of external relationships. It reveals itself in the intense longing for friendship and love which repeatedly break through. Loneliness in the midst of a crowd is the experience of the schizoid cut off from affective rapport." This is a central experience of the schizoid that is often lost to the observer. Contrary to the familiar caricature of the schizoid as uncaring and cold, the vast majority of schizoid persons who become patients express at some point in their treatment their longing for friendship and love. This is not the schizoid patient as described in the DSMs. Such longing, however, may not break through except in the schizoid’s fantasy life, to which the therapist may not be allowed access for quite a long period in treatment.
Pope's lawyers argued that he was insane and had schizoid personality disorder.
Psychohistorians endorse trauma models of schizoid, narcissistic, masochistic, borderline, depressive and neurotic personalities.
Some evidence suggests that the Cluster A personality disorders have shared genetic and environmental risk factors and there is an increased prevalence of schizoid personality disorder in relatives of people with schizophrenia and schizotypal personality disorder. Twin studies with schizoid personality disorder traits (e.g. low sociability and low warmth) suggest that these are inherited. Besides this indirect evidence, the direct heritability estimates of SPD range from 50-59 %. To Sula Wolff, who did extensive research and clinical work with children and teenagers with schizoid symptoms, "schizoid personality has a constitutional, probably genetic, basis." The link between SPD and being underweight may also point to the involvement of biological factors.
21st Century Schizoid Band were a King Crimson alumnus group formed in 2002.
The Schizoid Man possesses the power of building and animating solid constructs with his mind.
As a specific term, projective identification is introduced by Klein in “Notes on some schizoid mechanisms.”
Philip Manfield suggests that the "schizoid condition," which roughly includes the DSM schizoid, avoidant, and schizotypal personality disorders, is represented by "as many as 40 percent of all personality disorders." Manfield adds "This huge discrepancy [from the 10 percent reported by therapists for the condition] is probably largely because someone with a schizoid disorder is less likely to seek treatment than someone with other axis-II disorders."
It is speculated that schizoid personality disorder may have ties to creativity.
Schizoid Lloyd is an experimental, progressive rock band from the Netherlands.
In 2013, Akhtar provided a clinical case study of a schizoid man as an illustration of his phenomenological profile.
The song pays homage to King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man", even incorporating some of its lyrics towards the end:
The relationship between schizoid personality disorder (SPD) and avoidant personality disorder (AvPD) has been a subject of controversy for decades.
Bromberg, P.M. (1984). On the Occurrence of the Isakower Phenomenon in a Schizoid Disorder. Contemp. Psychoanal., 20:600-624.
In 2003, he joined the 21st Century Schizoid Band, and released his only solo album, "Happiness With Minimal Side Effects".
Schizoid (also known as Murder by Mail) is a 1980 horror film directed and written by David Paulsen.
He identified four subtypes of SPD. Any individual schizoid may exhibit none or one of the following: