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radlk              calcarata              brassii              foveolata              connata              hirtella              anomalum              poepp              papuana              mucronata              puberula              preussii              dielsii              gracilipes              vatke              hiern              oliv              silvatica              oreophila              coriaceum              lehmannii              urera              ciliatum              humbertii              galpinii              insulare              bispinosa              pierrei              setigera              austrostipa              deflexa              sprucei              tetrastigma              velutinus              peduncularis              helferi              summerh              perrieri              sessilifolia              farsetia              vepris              zeyh              sessiliflora              amoenum              debilis              calcicola              colorata              laxiflora              laxum              gracillima             

Examples of "schlechteri"
"Cleistanthus schlechteri" var. "schlechteri" (False Tamboti, ) is a protected tree in South Africa.
Myristica schlechteri is a species of plant in the Myristicaceae family. It is endemic to Papua New Guinea.
Senegalia schlechteri is a species of legume in the Fabaceae family. It is found only in Mozambique.
Ardisia schlechteri is a species of plant in the Primulaceae family. It is endemic to Cameroon. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical dry forests. It is threatened by habitat loss.
It prefers substantially more solid substrates than the sand dunes occupied by its close relatives "P. kuanyamarum" and "P. nanus". It is syntopic with "P. granulatus" throughout its range, but less often so with "P. laevifrons", "P. schlechteri" and "P. villosus" than its near relative "P. gracilis".
Pararistolochia schlechteri is a vine endemic to the Northern (Oro) Province of Papua New Guinea. Although its distribution is supposedly restricted to the Northern Province, there have been two rare accounts of occurrences in the Madang and East Sepik Provinces Papua New Guinea.
The sub-tropical evergreen forest on the island includes the following tree species: Sideroxylon inerme, Apodytes dimidiata, Euclea schimperi, Manilkara discolor, Dovyalis rhamnoides, Dovyalis tristis, Diospyros natalensis, Clausena anisata, Cassine papillosa, Olea africana, Ficus burtt-davyi, Ficus sansibarica, Ficus capensis, Commiphora neglecta, Commiphora schlechteri, Allophylus melanocarpus, Erythroxylon emarginatum, Vepris undulata, Deinbollia oblongifolia, Scolopia ecklonii, Thespesia populnea and Galpinia transvaalica.
Planea is a genus of flowering plants in the pussy's-toes tribe within the sunflower family. The only known species is Planea schlechteri, a rare and threatened species known from only a single population in Western Cape Province in South Africa.
Due to their stings' quick acting venom they rely to lesser extent on their slender pinchers (chelae) to hold onto prey. It is suspected that three species, "P. schlechteri", "P. transvaalicus" and "P. villosus" can spray venom from their tails. These three are also the largest buthids in the world, reaching lengths of up to 140 mm and masses of up to 14 g.
Previously within the tribe Heliophileae were six genera, all endemic to southern Africa: "Heliophila", "Cycloptychis", "Schlechteri", "Silicularia", "Thlaspeocarpa", and "Brachycarpaea". The latter five genera contained among them only seven species, having been differentiated from the "Heliophila" genus mainly on the morphological differences of the fruits they bore. Following extensive analysis of molecular evidence (nuclear (ITS) and plastid (trnL-F) DNA sequence data), Heliophileae was found to be monophyletic and species of the five small genera were reduced to synonymy with "Heliophila".