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Examples of "schloesing"
Jacques-Henri Schloesing (1919–1944) was a French aviator.
Rose Kerr's daughter, Louise Rosemary "Rosie" Kerr, was a close friend of the pilot, Richard Hillary, and was reportedly engaged to the Squadron Leader, Jacques-Henri Schloesing until he was killed in action in 1944. Schloesing had been a Scout leader before the war, and the street where Passy Cemetery stands in Paris is named for him.
In June 1944 he joined No. 341 Squadron, also known in French as "Groupe de Chasse n° 3/2 "Alsace"", with the rank of Captain. On 26 August 1944 he took command of the unit when Jacques-Henri Schloesing was killed in combat. During this period he destroyed another two German fighters, thus becoming a fighter ace.
The ammonia-soda process was first patented in 1838 by H. G. Dyar and J. Hemming, who carried it out on an experimental scale in Whitechapel. Many attempts were soon after made in the same direction, both in England and on the continent of Europe, the most remarkable of which was the ingenious combination of apparatus devised by J. J. T. Schloesing and E. Rolland. But a really economical solution of the problem was first definitely found in 1872 by Ernest Solvay, as the result of investigations begun about ten years previously. The greater portion of all the soda-ash of commerce is now made by Solvay's apparatus, which alone shall be described in this place, although it should be borne in mind that the principles laid down by Dyar and Hemming have been and are still successfully carried out in a number of factories by an entirely different kind of apparatus.