Synonyms for scutatus or Related words with scutatus

nigripes              lepturus              notechis              virgatus              cinerascens              guttatus              cayennensis              labiatus              textilis              rubida              nigriceps              signatus              ciliatus              maculosus              siganus              melanops              ocellata              cucullata              penicillata              inornata              variegatus              carunculata              pygmaea              marginatus              punctulata              nitidula              semifasciata              speciosus              pseudonaja              bilineatus              hoplocephalus              rueppellii              brachyura              brachypterus              tessellatus              lunulata              melanurus              tridens              nuchalis              pulchellus              infuscatus              lugubris              torquata              flavifrons              punctulatus              maculatus              melanoleuca              tessellata              obsoleta              rufiventris             

Examples of "scutatus"
The name is Noongar in origin, meaning "the place of the tiger snake ("Notechis scutatus")".
The hyacinth visorbearer ("Augastes scutatus") is a species of hummingbird in the family Trochilidae.
The shield-nosed cobra ("Aspidelaps scutatus") is a venomous snake in the family Elapidae.
The larvae feed on the roots of "Rumex scutatus" and "Rumex induratus".
The larvae feed on "Rumex scutatus". They mine the leaves of their host plant.
There are two endemic bird species: hyacinth visorbearer (Augastes scutatus) and grey-backed tachuri (Polystictus superciliaris).
The red-vented malimbe ("Malimbus scutatus") is a species of bird in the Ploceidae family.
Platycheirus scutatus is a very common species of hoverfly. It is a Holarctic species.
Endemic birds include the hyacinth visorbearer ("Augastes scutatus"), Cipo canastero ("Asthenes luizae") and serra finch ("Embernagra longicauda").
Sphingius scutatus, is a species of spider of the genus "Sphingius". It is endemic to Sri Lanka.
"Pachydactylus robertsi" may be confused with "Pachydactylus scutatus" but can be differentiated by the exclusion of the rostral scale from the nostril. Also, "P. robertsi" has a wider (2–3 scale rows) nuchal band (vs 1 scale row in "P. scutatus").
"Cipactlichthys scutatus" is known from two fossils discovered in the Tlayua Formation near the town of Tepexi de Rodríguez, in Puebla, Mexico.
The lesser ghost bat ("Diclidurus scutatus") is a bat species found in northern Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guyana, Guyana, Peru, Surinam, and Venezuela.
The larvae feed on "Rumex" species, including "Rumex scutatus". Young larvae overwinter. Full-grown larvae can be found from May to the end June.
Copelatus scutatus is a species of diving beetle. It is part of the Copelatinae subfamily and the Dytiscidae family. It was described by Félix Guignot in 1952.
Cipactlichthys is a genus of extinct Holostean fish from the Lower Cretaceous of Mexico. The only known species is "Cipactlichthys scutatus".
Other species include the giant anteater ("Myrmecophaga tridactyla"), rock cavy ("Kerodon rupestris"), lesser nothura ("Nothura minor"), helmeted manakin ("Antilophia galeata") and hyacinth visorbearer ("Augastes scutatus").
In 1929 von Huene described "Loricosaurus" based on some armour osteoderms found in Argentina. When he named "Loricosaurus" he also named two species. The type species, "Loricosaurus scutatus", is now considered possibly a synonym of "Neuquensaurus".
Hemiphractus scutatus (Spix's horned treefrog) is a species of frog in the Hemiphractidae family. It is found in the upper Amazon basin in Bolivia, western Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and southern Colombia.
Rumex scutatus is a plant in the buckwheat family, used as a culinary herb. Its common names include French sorrel, buckler sorrel, shield-leaf sorrel, and sometimes the culinary name "green-sauce".